We have entered the greatest season of harvest in the nations and America. In recent days I have felt a challenge from the Holy Spirit. That what we have been seeing for many years in the nations and some of our greatest crusades and revivals, we could now see in America if we are intentional about the fiery Spirit of evangelism.  

Over the last 17 years of crusade ministry, in 73 countries, we've had over 2 million decisions for Christ. The question the Lord asked us is "Could we see one million souls saved now in America?"

He is spreading a large net. Heaven is about to release a new wine skin to reach a new generation of millennials. We need the new wine of the Holy Spirit but before it can be poured out we need to have the wine skin that will be necessary to contain the wine and reach a generation differently than we have in recent years. 

The Fresh Fire Ministries Wall of Honor comprised of churches, business men and women, individuals, and businesses who have caught the vision for Revival Harvest America and seeing America turn back to God. While each and every donation helps in building the vision and brining in the harvest the Wall of Honor is reserved for those who make a $1000 donation or more.

Wall of Honor