summer of fire 2017

 Join us this summer for what we are believing to be revolutionary in how people are equipped for the works of ministry.

This Summer of Fire will be like no other in it history! For the first time EVER a Fresh Fire school will be on location in the midst of an going move of God. You will be with Todd and team in Lindale, TX as the revival is unfolding learning various aspects of ministry. During the days there will be classes taught by associates, staff, and mentoring times with Todd.

Space is limited as we only have room for 10 interns.

If you have further questions email our school director Westley 

  • Cost – $700 (Price includes housing in Lindale, TX, transportation to and from meetings, day classes, and day classes) Food and transportation to Lindale, TX is NOT included
  • Dates – June 20th – July 22th, 2017 (Classes are Tuesdays through Friday with outreaches each Saturday between 10-2. During the Glory Revival all services are mandatory. Schedule subject to change during.
  • Location – Lindale, TX amidst the ongoing Glory Revival