Can you Help us reach Pakistan with the Gospel!

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is currently open to the Gospel. This small window allows us the opportunity to preach the Message of Salvation and watch it spread like wildfire all throughout this nation! ( Acts 13:49)

The reason for this urgent letter to you is to ask if you would sow into this our upcoming Harvest Crusade Sep 25 - Sep 30, 2019!

We currently have a immediate need of $9000!

This immediate need of $9000 will go to putting our mission director Darcy Cummer on the ground in Quetta, Pakistan to start preparing for the upcoming crusade. It will also cover various administrative expenses and enable us to begin this nation shaking mission.

"The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few. So pray to the Lord of the harvest to force out and thrust laborers into His harvest" - Matt. 9:37-38 AMP