This is why we are helping with feeding children in Malawi Africa! I ask you to read the news story and consider helping us on our secure website for the food crisis! Let's respond! ~Todd Bentley 

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Todd Bentley & Fresh Fire USA are partnered with Darcy Cummer & Blazing Faith Ministries who is on the ground in Malawi Africa. Malawi is in a food shortage crisis and we have already been doing feedings. We started our first feeding at the beginning of August and have continued our feedings on a weekly bases. We have seen an increase in our feedings from 180 to 1,000 a week, and now we are feeding up to 4,000 to 5,000 on a weekly bases. Over all, to date, we have fed 31,134 people which 75% of them are children. And we have seen close to 27,000 decisions for Christ.! Can you help in anyway in our feeding outreaches? We have set up this page on to help get the word out. Please give into this need now and we can get the funds directly to Malawi and continue to feed children.