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  1. -Lakeland Outpouring-  the first messages

    The messages that started it all. These are the first few messages that sparked the world wide healing revival also known as the Lakeland Outpouring. Learn More
  2. Engaging the Power of His Presence set

    This set includes Panel discussions with Todd Bentley, Ryan Wyatt and Jason Hooper on the Anointing and the Power of the Lord's Presence. Recorded Live February 2010. Learn More
  3. Making Heaven Real MP3 series

    This Brand New Series by Todd Bentley entitled Makeing Heaven Real. The subjects shared by Todd in this series include: -What is the Kingdom Heaven. -Live and Demonstrate the Kindom of God. -How to Proclaim the Gospel with Miracles, Signs & Wonders. -Creating a Culture of Revival. -Many Faith Building testimonies and stories of Miracles and Healing. Learn More
  4. Developing Your Seer Gift MP3 series by Todd Bentley

    SPIRITUAL GATES DOORS & PORTALS: In this series Todd will give clarification both through the Word of God and by sharing amazing personal experiences how spiritual gates doors and portals trigger supernatural encounters with God. Learn More
  5. Redeeming Kingdom Dreams MP3 series by Todd Bentley

    In this teaching Todd examines God's desire to reveal and fulfill prophetic dreams and destinies of believers from past generations as well as the personal dreams each of us carry in our hearts today. Learn More
  6. Greater Glory Gathering 2010

    The Greater Glory Meetings were over the top. The presence of the Lord has been so overwhelming and tangible since the Gathering of people in His Glory! Oh how we love the presence. Learn More
  7. The Fullness of GOD by Todd Bentley

    The Fullness of God CD series contains powerful teaching centering on the Apostle Paul's prayer that we be filled with all of the fullness of God. Todd adds color and depth as he shares about what it truly means to walk with God in the fullness of the Spirit. Learn More
  8. Heavenly Courts and Divine Council by Todd Bentley

    In a recent prophetic experience, Todd Bentley was taken into the court room of the Lord where he saw the workings of God’s judicial system and the divine council room of God. Here the Ancient of Days presided over our judgments. Learn More
  9. Overcoming the Spirit of Leviathan package MP3's by Todd Bentley

    Learn about Leviathan and how it manifests and influences believers. We’ll also discuss God’s power over this evil spirit. We’ll take a look at several characteristics of Leviathan in this series and how to resist its influence. Sessions include Overcoming the Spirit of Leviathan 1 & 2. and the Deaf & Dumb Spirit. Learn More
  10.  Supernatural Realms of Heaven - School MP3 set

    This exciting school by Todd Bentley & Jason Hooper spoken in June 2010 teaches on prophetic ministry with instruction on how to engage the revelatory realm of heaven. The School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven will consist of 16 lessons of riveting teaching in which Todd will share and impart everything he has learned and experienced in the area of prophecy and revelation. As Todd shares, you'll hear about many of his prophetic experiences and your spiritual senses are sure to be heightened and activated. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 31 total

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