Man's Life Changed in Solitary Confinement!By Todd Bentley

Hey Todd,
My name is John Alarid.  My dad and I met you after the Saturday night service.   I read your book Journey Into the Miraculous while in prison.  I was in solitary confinement for five months the first part of 2008.  My dad would send me in your book a couple chapters at a time since I was not allowed to receive packages while in the"hole".  It was wild man.  As I would recieve the packages and start to open them, I would feel waves of electric liquid love and power.  I dont know how to explain it but it was great.  I got the jerks and would just lay on my cot and shake.  Luckily, I was in solitary so I was alone.  Those were the best months of my life.  God came down.  I am changed.  Something happened to me.  I was let out of solitary in July 2008. I began reading books on people you mentioned in your book.  My dad sent me in over a hundred books- from Mama Etter to Lake to Branham.  I was even voted in as inmate pastor.   I was released from prison in July 2010.  While reading your book in the hole I began to believe God to heal me of Hepatitis C.  When I got out I went to get my blood work done.  On August 16 2010, I was told that there is no trace of HCV in my system.  The Lord healed me.  I am attending college here in Santa Fe and when I get off of Parole in July of 2011, I plan on attending Central Bible College in St. Louis, MO.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know about the experience I had when I read your book.  I will never forget it.

I am your grateful brother in Christ,