Testimonies from Knoxville, TNBy Todd Bentley

Testimonies from Knoxville, TN

A Woman's Tumors start shrinking on the left side.

Angela noticed that her tumors on her left side were smaller after getting prayed for.

A Woman's Hearing and Eye sight  is restored

Karen had dealt with sight and hearing problems, after she got prayed for, her hearing in the right ear was restored as well as her eye sight was restored.

A Woman's Arthritic pain is healed.

Elizabeth dealt with pain in her feet as a result of Arthritis. After she got prayed for she had no more pain in her feet.

A Teenage boy is Healed from his Shoulder popping out.

Kent dealt with a meniscus problem in both shoulders for 5 years, as a result his shoulder would pop out on a regular basis. After he got prayed for he was able to move his shoulder without it popping out. He also had full range of motion.

A Woman's eyes begins to be healed.

Jeanette had partial vision in left eye, after she got prayed for she was able to see better.

A woman is Healed from pain and bad hearing.

Michelle dealt with chronic pain as a result of a bone spur. She also dealt with bad hearing in both ears. After she got prayed for her pain was gone and she could hear  better.

A woman is Healed from Arthritis pain

Sharon dealt for 16 years with Arthritis from the waist down. As a result she was in constant pain. After she had gotten prayed for her pain in her knee completely left, as well as feeling like a weight had lifter off of her legs, which had become hot after she had gotten prayed for.

Woman is able to walk without pain.

Debbie dealt with chronic pain from a destroyed S1 ligament in her right leg. After she got prayed for, the pain left and she was able to walk without pain.