Testimonies from Amarillo, TXBy Todd Bentley

Testimonies from Amarillo, TX

Man gets release from Gastric trouble

Carl dealt with chronic gastric trouble. After he got prayed for he felt a release.

Woman is Healed from Esophagus damage from past abusive vomiting

Hilda had dealt with esophagus trouble as a result from abusing vomiting. After prayer she felt a significant difference in her esophagus and the persistent phlegm stopped, and she felt relief and no more gurgling.

Woman gets healed from Chronic pain.

Jalee dealt with a Generation Polycystic disease. The doctors found a mass in the left kidney which was bleeding in her bladder. After she got prayed for she felt heat and no pain.

Woman has more pain in knee, hip and leg after years of pain.

Ann dealt with a chronic congenital knee, hip and leg problem. Normally it would hurt her to go down the stairs after she got prayed for she had no pain.

Man is healed form Pain as a result of busted ribs and lungs

Raymond dealt with pain as a result of busted ribs and lungs after prayer he had no more pain.