Stage 4 Cancer miraclously healedBy Todd Bentley

Dear Todd,

When you were with us here at Glorybound in December of 2010, you asked if any people were present who had terminal cancer. There was a lady in a wheelchair, Elizabeth. She was told that she had only two weeks to live. She is an elderly lady, 75 years old. She was in hospice care. You layed hands on her and she told us that she felt electricity or fire where she had the cancer. This week she was discharged from hospice care. Her nurse told her to feel free to do anything she wants. She is going to go to Scotland and reconnect with her family. She said she is miraclously healed. You can view her testimony on our web cite It is from our service this morning. You can view it. It is at the end of the service when she shares. She is being transformed before our eyes.