healing of the mind while listeningBy Todd Bentley

just wanted to let you know, i was healed while listening to a podcast from 2007. my mind wouldn't work right. i honestly don't know if it was physical or demonic, but it was getting worse and worse. somebody could say something and even though i really was listening, paying attention, i could not recall it a minute later. for instance, i was in a hit and run accident and though i wasn't hurt and watched the car drive away, when the police arrived 5 minutes later, i couldn't give them any details.none. it had all wiped clean. it was getting bad because i could sit in church and hear a quote and before i could click my pen to write it down, it was gone. could hear a bible reference, blink, and it was gone! i was listening to the podcast and Todd said something about the spirit of infirmity and though i didn't think i had anything like that, i listened carefully. the next day, sunday, when the pastor started speaking, i was shocked to realize that all that nonsense in my brain had been fixed! thank u so much for those free podcasts! i listen to them all the time and count them one of my most valuable possessions.