Virgina Beach ReportBy Todd Bentley

What an incredible time we had in Virginia Beach, VA this last week at The Founders Inn. The power and presence of the Lord was strong and many healings and testimonies occurred because of it.

One woman who had been bed ridden for over 22 years with the excruciating pains of fibromyalgia was hit in her wheel chair by the power of Jesus during the offering and set free. Another woman who had been on very strong pain medication due to a bladder surgery 13 years ago "felt the hands of God touch her bladder and stomach", she is now pain free! There are several other terminal cases, creative miracles and dozens of healings that are still coming in. During the Saturday morning meeting, Rick Joyner talked about how embracing our trials and tribulations will result in us having authority in that area and using that to help mentor others who are going through the same situation.

Todd Bentley's Interns are currently traveling with the Fresh Fire team and involved in all aspects of the meetings. As well on Saturday afternoon they went to the malls and streets to pray for people. Several people received healing and gave their hearts to Christ that day. The interns had a memorable time making new friends, serving at the conference, healing the sick, seeing miracles happen and people saved and set free.