Puerto Rico Report by Pastor Tito CabanBy Todd Bentley

We were so blessed to have Todd and his team with us for five incredible meetings during the month of April! The Word of God was ministered with unfolding revelation and power Truly the anointing and presence of God was in our midst, with signs following.

The first night of the meetings started with a blend of anointing. A strong call for souls and for those who desire to be used in evangelism. The prophetic anointing flowed both for individuals and over the island of Puerto Rico. A strong breakthrough anointing for finances was present and tangibly felt for the island as well.

Night after night the healing power of God was poured out through His Spirit. Nerve damage healed, arthritis pain in shoulder completely gone, knee pain gone and movement restored, back pain gone, and many other testimonies came forth of God's healing power. Todd encouraged everyone to call someone with sickness and many, many testimonies came forth of God totally healing them over the phone!
We are so grateful to Jesus for what He has done!
Pastors Tito & Sandra Caban