Haiti Missions Trip: Come with Todd Bentley & Fresh Fire Missions TeamBy Todd Bentley

Dear Friends & Partners,

We are excited to announce our first mission trip of 2011: Port Au Prince, Haiti. This trip is available for those interested to apply to join Todd Bentley and the Fresh Fire Missions Team during January 7-15, 2011. When people come on a mission trip with Fresh Fire they are amazed how God works through them as they step out to pray to see people saved and healed. You will minister to hundreds each evening at crusade meetings, there are often opportunities to preach on outreaches during the day and in local churches. Our team members return to their churches and ministries back home with a renewed zeal to see Jesus move in miracles, revival and salvation. It is our passion to equip and serve those who feel called to evangelism and revival with impartation, friendship and association.

For more than ten years Fresh Fire Ministries has taken over 1200 people on short term missions trips to literally dozens of nations. Missions, Evangelism and Revival is the heart of Fresh Fire Ministries and one of Todd's greatest callings is crusade and outreach evangelism to the poorest people groups in the world. During famine, flooding and outbreaks we've ministered in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique and Congo to name a few and seen an incredible harvest of souls come into the Kingdom. Fierce confrontations with the demonic and subsequent regional breakthrough for the Gospel is common when ministering in spiritually dark areas many of which have been given over to the demonic for generations. Jesus Christ has all authority and the evidence of this truth is seen in dramatic conversions, mass salvations, the planting of hundreds of local churches, thousands in ongoing discipleship and hundreds of incredible miracles, signs and wonders. For more information about joining us please email missions@freshfireusa.com.


Last January one of the strongest and most devastating earthquakes ever recorded struck the nation of Haiti. Already considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere where 80% of the population lives in extreme poverty, this earthquake and its 52 aftershocks is estimated to have killed 230,000 people. The event instantly rendered 1.5 million homeless. Many of those have spent the last year living in one of 1100 homeless camps. Over 3 million people were left in need of immediate emergency aid. The destruction, grief and heartache is absolutely unimaginable.


Though the media coverage has faded, the cry for help continues. The opportunity for The Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the people of Haiti has never been greater. Fresh Fire Ministries is committed to remembering the people of Haiti and being an ongoing part of impacting this nation for Jesus Christ. We are asking you to join us, so together we can make a significant and personal difference in the lives of these people. We have been in communication with our friends in Haiti in preparation for first crusade meetings and outreaches in and around the city of Port au Prince.


We want to let you know about this exciting opportunity and how you can be involved. During January 7-15, 2011 Fresh Fire Ministries will be taking a team to Port Au Prince, Haiti coordinating daily outreaches to some of the poorest and hardest hit areas in the world. Please pray about being part of this missions team. The need is tremendous but we believe Jesus is the answer. With the help of our friends, the Haitian Government and an extensive pastoral network in Haiti we will be hosting open air crusade meetings right in the midst of the destruction left by the earthquakes. Rather than a far-away, big city stadium we are taking worship, preaching and the healing power of Christ to the darkest areas where hurting people already are. We're asking our friends to to pray and consider giving a one time financial gift towards supporting the work in Haiti and asking our partners to consider doubling their monthly donation for one month by calling our office at 704-285-7399 to speak to Shanee at our partner desk. We're also asking people to pray about joining us to be a part of our missions team on this trip to Haiti to minister with us.


As well as the evening meetings Todd and The Fresh Fire Missions Team will be involved in outreaches every morning and afternoon and hosting a pastors conference during the day to pour into and further equip leaders in Haiti. In cooperation with local churches and pastors we have a detailed plan for people who make decisions for Christ at our meetings and outreaches to be involved in ongoing discipleship in their local church. We also are praying for additional funds to purchase trucks of food to distribute to those in need and we are making arrangements to ship 11,000 lbs of clothes that have already been donated.


If are interested in ministering with us during this Fresh Fire Missions trip please write us at missions@freshfireusa.com right away and we will send more information. The space is limited, some have signed up even before we were able to officially release this call. This trip will come together quickly so if you are interested please let us know right away.

Thousands will be healed. Thousands will come to Christ. Its time for good news to come from Haiti, a nation that has had the attention of the world because of disaster and pain will be a nation of joy, peace and His presence. Because of God's great love for the broken and hopeless, Haiti is poised for revival. Be a significant part of touching this nation with the love of God. The collective impact will be massive if each of us join together and do what we can do today.

Yours In the Harvest,

- Todd Bentley