We want to ReconnectBy Todd Bentley

Reconnecting with you for a million more souls...

Years ago, at the start of Fresh Ministries in Canada, the Lord through the Holy Spirit gave me a vision of a great harvest where I saw our generation: men and women young and old, children?the world touched with the mighty power and presence of Jesus Christ, and coming to know Him having heard the Gospel preached, and seeing and experiencing the Word heal, save, set free, and deliver in signs, wonders, and miracles. In another vision, according to the Gospel of Luke, I saw Peter out on the boat fishing with the disciples?and their empty nets. They?d toiled all night and caught nothing. But the Master came and told them to put out into the deep and let down their nets for a catch, and they dipped their nets at His Word, and caught a net-busting, boat-sinking harvest of fish, so incredible, that Peter had to call upon his partners to help.

The Lord said, ?Todd, you need to signal for help...great is the multitude in the valley of decisions?.?

Heaven-Inspired Connections

Prayerfully, we appealed only to those whom God called to join us. And that?s where you responded to the call and vision with financial support and prayer, as together we engaged with God?s heart purposes for the world. As a result, through Fresh Fire outreaches, we, as a ministry together with our partners, advanced the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and pulled in a ?catch? of one million souls! Yes, that?s right! Praise God, and I thank Him for bringing in the partners needed for a wonderful and impacting harvest.

One million souls were harvested for the glory of God!

You helped us change the world! Your partnership, support, seeds, gifts, fellowship, and prayers provided the means to reach the lost, preach the Word, heal the sick, and be a source of inspiration through the Word of God around the world, changing lives for all eternity! Your help enabled us to plan and take advantage of almost every opportunity God brought our way! We traveled to over 65 countries! Held hundreds of international crusades, conferences and schools in 130 North American cities! Hosted over 1200 people in missions through internships! (Many of our interns are in full time ministry today, holding their own crusades, missions; feeding the hungry and healing the sick!) We partnered in the building of many children?s homes. Provided millions of dollars in disaster and famine relief efforts in places such as Mozambique and Malawi, from supplying tsunami relief in India, to setting up refugee camp ministries in Ethiopia and the Congo. We were also able to take advantage of the most up-to-date Internet, media, and satellite technologies ? to reach farther and farther. .


...your support provided us the means to be in Lakeland, Florida at the right time for harvest. Fresh Fire Ministries was instrumental in what became known as the ?Lakeland Outpouring,? (April - October 2008) which was historic as one of the longest running televised (GOD TV) Christian meetings, broadcasted to over 200 countries and consequently to hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people. Over 400 thousand people attended in Lakeland, sometimes 10,000 people a night. The outpouring saw thousands of global healings and salvations!

Many of you have sowed, many of you have prayed, and at least a million lives were eternally transformed as a result. Much fruit abounds to your account, no doubt! Thank you for your past donations, prayers, and support of this ministry!

But there are millions more yet yearning for Christ?s healing touch ?. We are ready for a fresh adventure of faith and obedience and fresh fire...we are signaling once again for help as we cast our nets into the deep for the catch. Hopefully, re-engaging with you in a heaven-inspired partnership to fulfill the vision of a million more, in as short a time as possible through missions, evangelism, and revival for the glory of the Lord!

We are mobilizing humanitarian aid, reaching out in our missions? works, and our missions department is growing and eager to get going to Peru, Israel, Turkey, Haiti, Africa, and India, and wherever God leads us. We are expanding our media department and gearing up to reach the world also through television ministry. With your help, we will continue to cultivate and advance revival for harvest by training and equipping multitudes through internships, ministry schools, missions, teaching resources, and conferences. Moreover, feed and minister to the hurting and hungry!

Please Consider Joining Us!

We need you as we do the works of Jesus for those in need, and are thankful and appreciative of the vision God gave us for healing and preparation and transformation of our hearts, and for the expanded blueprint and strategy to accomplish one million more souls for Him. As we?ve re-launched, afresh and again from a foundation of relationship and intimacy with Jesus, we have seen amazing moves of God with great miracles, and His amazing presence in every meeting, beyond anything we?ve known before. His grace is so abundant!

We continue to seek God?s heart in all matters pertaining to His direction, leadership, and guidance, and accountability and stewardship, and are more determined than ever to press in, advance, and persist in fulfilling all that He has entrusted to us until He comes again.

Please pray about what God would have you do. We do need at least 300 new partners who can financially and prayerfully support our vision as we continue to lead from a grassroots foundation of intimacy with Jesus to transform hearts for harvest. Your prayers and one-time gift or monthly financial support in Partnership will help us to reach lost, hungry, and hurting people in North America and abroad. Every gift, no matter the size will bring healing and salvation to the lost, and encouragement to the brokenhearted, and will help equip others, to do the same. Your seed gift increases our effectiveness and multiplies our potential to reach out and touch the world for Jesus, influencing millions for Jesus Christ! We cannot pull in the nets for the catch alone, please pray and seek the Lord?s direction.

Exciting opportunities are ahead to glorify King Jesus through missions, crusades, schools, televangelism, internship, and ministry, with many opportunities to co-labor with God to transform hearts for harvest, we hope, right in your own neighborhood.

We invite you to create a free account on our website www.freshfireusa.com, sign up for free teachings, and navigate to our Partner?s page for more information concerning the benefits of partnership with Fresh Fire. Or, email us at partners@freshfireusa.com, or call our office at (704) 285-7399. On our website, you will also discover more information concerning our mission and vision, and our latest news through streaming video.

We?ve settled into the sea, our nets are cast. Your gifts or regular giving and prayers and intercession increases our effectiveness and multiplies our potential to reach out and influence millions for Jesus. For now, our vision and mandate is at least a million more souls. Will you come alongside us again in our efforts?

Thank you! Major blessings and Fresh Fire to you!

Todd Bentley
Fresh Fire USA
P.O. Box 820
Pineville,NC 28134
Direct: (704) 285-7399
Toll Free: 1.877.277.7101

Will you Partner with us?

Lets keep hitting the our momentum in building together 2011. We are still believing for 300 new partners in the first quarter of 2011.

Three Ways to Give:

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3. Call our Partner desk at 1.877.277.7101

These 300 new partners will help financially support our vision for America, international soul winning crusades such as the Haiti mission, and our growing expansion at Fresh Fire USA, including media schools and more.

For those who are partners already, THANK YOU! I am praying that you stay strong this year to help us bring in the harvest.

Below is information on how to be a new partner and an overview of the many benefits to partnering with us. You can also raise your partnership amount or give a special end of the year one time gift for souls.

Fresh Fire Ministries commitment to Partners

  • Pray daily for God's blessings to be on you.
  • Minister to you monthly through a personal letter from Todd Bentley.
  • Periodically offer special gifts for your spiritual edification and growth.
  • Be good stewards and operate with integrity and excellence.
  • MP3 Of The Month
  • Partner seating at select events.
  • Partner exclusive webinars.
  • Access to Partner Only section of the website.


Three Ways to Give:


BE ONE OF THE 300 now, click here!


To give a one-time end of the year donation, click here!


Call our Partner desk at 1.877.277.7101