Arusha, Tanzania, AfricaBy Todd Bentley

Arusha, Tanzania, Africa ~ Report #1
June 5 - 16, 2006

Over 8,000 people make commitments to follow Jesus Thousands experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit "Deliverance Tent" literally jammed-packed every night Child, mute for six years, cries out for the first time, "Mama, mama" Lady instantly healed of 20-year tumor. Boy, age 4, walks for the first time Local pastors amazed at the mass deliverances and healings Hundreds of Christian leaders empowered during morning teaching sessions Young woman with bloated stomach receives instant miracle

International Team Join Evangelist Bentley in Tanzania

On the recent Fresh Fire Ministries' (FFM) missions trip, nearly 40 faith-filled men and women, including the FFM staff, traveled with evangelist, Todd Bentley, to minister at a miracle festival in Tanzania, Africa. This team, which became known as the international team because of the many countries it represented, joined faith with that of the FFM Ugandan staff and 100 partnering churches, in anticipation of a five-night crusade that would be "over the top." Evangelist Todd Bentley and team ministered in the city of Arusha two years ago and witnessed thousands of salvations and miracles night after night.

Notable Miracles on First Night

Besides the hundreds of salvations recorded on this opening night, amazing miracles took place confirming that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Todd spoke out words of knowledge, including one about a right eye being healed from blindness. Within minutes, a woman found her way to the platform, testifying of the miracle that took place in her right eye. For seven years she was unable to see out of that eye, but that night the power of God completely restored her vision. Also, a young man testified of having a tumor in his mouth for over 6 months. Suddenly, he felt fire in his mouth and to his amazement the tumor dissolved. Numerous other miracles took place, including a tumor the size of a tennis ball that instantly disappeared from a man's body. This ugly tumor was no match for the awesome power of God even though it had stubbornly been lodged on his body for three years.

Crowd Swells on Second Night

By the second night, the crowd had doubled in size from the previous night. Many of these Tanzanians had witnessed the healing, saving and delivering power of God the first night and had returned for more. African people are desperate to see the true dunamis power of God. Many Africans have experienced past revivals and know the difference between powerless, weak religion and the genuine power of the Holy Spirit.

This night, after witnessing God's power, the people brought their neighbors, friends and relatives with them. As Todd testified of his past sinful lifestyle that involved drugs, alcohol and stealing, you could sense an atmosphere of faith building in the hearts of the people as he boldly proclaimed Jesus as our freedom, no matter what our past life looks like. He told the crowd that Jesus is the only way, truth and life. When the altar call was given and the ropes were dropped, hundreds of Africans responded by running to the stage. They stirred up clouds of dust as they raced forward to find peace with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Every night of the crusade was just as unforgettable, as thousands of Tanzanians traveled from near and far to repeat the sinner's prayer lead by the evangelist.

Confrontation in the Heavenlies

That second night, the Holy Spirit began to bring deliverance to many in the crowd under the power of demonic spirits. (Tanzania is known as a center of witchcraft, where thousands come from around the world to receive training in the black magic arts.) As in this meeting, quite often during altar calls at crusades, the FFM team has watched as the Enemy tries to create a disruption and as the Holy Spirit breaks bondages. What a sight to behold this night, as the ushers, dressed in neon yellow jackets, picked the demoniacs up out of the dust and carried them into the deliverance tent for the Holy Spirit to complete His work of freedom.
Fresh Fire Ministries always sets up such a tent on the crusade grounds, so that the demonized can receive freedom and the dead can receive prayer. The FFM team believes in obeying Matthew 10:7, 8, which exhorts us to cleanse the lepers, heal the sick, cast out devils and raise the dead. On any given crusade night it is not uncommon to see 40 to 50 demonized men, women and children in the deliverance tent at one time, writhing like snakes, biting, kicking and often foaming at the mouth. Many times Evangelist Bentley will invite the ushers to bring two or three of the demonized onto the platform to receive prayer by team members. Thanks to Jesus, His delivering power is more than enough to set free the most demonized soul. Once the demons are cast out, peace and joy fill the people's empty hearts and the love of Jesus shines from their eyes.

Satan's Stranglehold Broken

On this second night, a beautiful young African lady came to the platform to testify of the goodness of God. She had been saved just three months prior to the crusade. However, since her conversion, as a result of her former active involvement in witchcraft, she had been battling for her life, as demons continually tormented her mind, saying, "We're going to kill you. We're going to kill you!" This anguish of mind was driving her to insanity. When Todd broke the power of witchcraft, something snapped in her mind, and the evil curses were broken. She was instantly delivered and set free from the oppression of the enemy. Jesus is alive in Tanzania, Africa! Glory to God for the Master's healing touch!
Another young girl came to testify of torment for 10 years from devils that would literally throw her to the ground and choke her. She said, "I saw myself as a dead person, even though I was alive." When she came to the crusade for prayer, Todd broke the curse of witchcraft-instantly she became nauseous and dizzy. Although the demons attempted to strangle her, the power of the Holy Spirit then instantly set her free. Now she is filled with the love of her Savior Jesus Christ!

Mute child cries "Mama"

During the salvation/healing altar call, many were healed and delivered, including a young child that had been unable to communicate with her parents for six years. Recognizing that no medicine or therapy had been able to fix their child's problem, the parents came forward, hoping for a cure from the Great Physician for their child that could not talk or hear. After prayer, the child instantly cried out, "Mama, Mama!" Jesus performed notable miracles like this throughout the night of the crusade.

Days of Gospel Preaching and Power

Over the first two crusade nights, more than 8,000 people made commitments to follow Jesus and thousands experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Local pastors were amazed at the mass deliverances and healings. Hundreds of pastors and local Christian leaders were also empowered and equipped during the morning teaching sessions each day.