India 2005By Todd Bentley

Ongole, India

Largest Fresh Fire festival expected in India
Hundreds of thousands expected at festivals
About 60 tons (value $18,000) of rice distributed to Tsunami-stricken villages
Hundreds of Indian people are saved and healed at village gospel meetings
About $22,000 in medical supplies to be distributed
Fresh Fire office in Hyderabad, India dedicated to the Lord
FFM redigs revival wells in India
Political transformation during last FFM festival has opened heaven

Late Breaking News:

First Three Festival (Crusade) Nights: over 100,000 saved and healed.

Hundreds of thousands of hungry Indian people, mostly from the lowest caste of society (the same type of people Jesus ministered to), flooded into the festival grounds in the city of Ongole the first three nights of the India Festivals. Over 100,000 people have responded to the altar calls. God also performed extraordinary miracles, with many deaf and blind healed, as well as the demonized set free. Detailed news to follow next report.

by Kevin Paterson