Haiti Crusade ReportBy Todd Bentley


Its exciting to be writing you now with such great news to report about our latest healing crusade and mission trip in Haiti. Todd Bentley and the Fresh Fire Mission team spent 9 days in the Port au Prince area preaching and praying for people on the streets, in the hospital, refugee tent camps, local churches and during our 3 night healing crusade that concluded on the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took 300,000 lives. Thousands were touched by the presence of God, hundreds made first time decisions for Christ each day and dozens received miracles, healing and deliverance.


Our efforts were focused on reaching out to the people of Cité Soliel, a settlement which is located on the northwest side of Port au Prince. Our first drive into Cité Soliel was absolutely shocking. We slowly drove down the narrow streets, almost impassible due to their condition, the volume of people and burning garbage piled high along the road. On our way to the church we witnessed a fist fight breaking out, mobs of onlookers surrounded them chanting their approval. It was common to see babies sitting alone in heaps of garbage, crying with nobody near while big black pigs rummaged past them. Young children played and bathed in canal swamps amongst floating garbage and human waste. The stench of the open sewers, the sounds of desperate people crying out, the sights of how people are forced to live continues to grip our hearts and compels us to do something about it.


Everywhere we went in Haiti we were on the edge of tears. Now that we've returned from ministering in Haiti we've taken with us a sadness mixed with a gripping conviction that we must do something. Its easy to become overwhelmed with everything that is happening there but we saw for ourselves the impact that our funds and team was having both in the moment and will have in the future, change that we are committed to long term.

A quick two hour flight from Miami and we were in the middle of abject poverty. So many are unaware of what these people are faced with every day, a situation they have been dealing with long before the earthquakes, floods or cholera epidemic which has pushed the living conditions and desperation further into the extreme. Cité Soliel is an extremely impoverished area, originally a settlement for workers, now a bustling shanty town. The homes are constructed of corrugated metal, plywood and other scraps. The estimated population of 300,000 live densely packed into approximately one square mile, in very small 1 room houses. Over 70% have no access to a basic toilet, over 50% earn less than $53 USD per month and virtually no sewers, plumbing, schools or medical services exist. During the mid 1990's Cité Soliel was ruled by heavily armed gangs that drove the police out and official aid agencies could not come in because of the gang warfare thus the people were trapped and terrorized with no help. It hasn't come easily but things have improved somewhat in the last few years to the point where we can begin to take the gospel into this area. Around the world wherever there is poverty and corruption it is the women, children and helpless that suffer the most.

Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries teamed up with a council of hundreds of local pastors to reach the people in Haiti. Our efforts included holding an open air evangelistic healing crusade right in the center of Cité Soliel, holding a daily training conference for about 300 pastors, preaching and teaching in local churches, ministering on the streets daily by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We always had a team of interpreters and local pastors with us on the streets and during the evening crusade meetings to ensure each person was introduced to a pastor and their information was recorded. That way each person can be contacted and connected with a church close to where they live so they can become part of the church through friendship and discipleship.


We were so blessed to have 32 people on our team from the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Switzerland and Uganda join us for this trip. These are people who came ready to do whatever it would take to bring the love of Jesus to the hurting, who spent long hours in prayer weeks before the trip and made a huge sacrifice to be there. Todd and Fresh Fire Ministries enjoyed the opportunity to connect with friends who have been with us on previous trips and being able to get to know people coming out for the first time. We were really impressed by this team who came to humbly serve the poor in difficult situations, intense heat and very long days. They persevered in bringing the Gospel of love to the people, they grew in anointing, power, character and grace and we are so thankful to serve with them.

Fresh Fire Ministries believes in the mandate given in Matthew 10:8 "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give." Everywhere we go we preach and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by praying for the sick and expecting God to heal them. As we do the work of the Gospel an atmosphere of faith builds under the anointing and incredible things happen. Listen to one testimony from a team member only 17 years old on her second trip with Fresh Fire Missions...

"About a year ago I was diagnosed with what the doctors called an incurable nerve condition. I was crippled, I was bedridden for 8 months, I was out of school for a year. I was in a children's hospital for 8 weeks and when they discharged me a lot of my function was back but I still had a lot of pain. I went to a Fresh Fire conference, got prayed for and was completely delivered of all pain! When I heard about this trip I really feel like God was pulling on my heart to come here. I was just moved with compassion on this trip, it was the last night of the crusade and I saw a man in a wheelchair and my heart just went extra out for him because doctors had told me that I would be in a wheelchair, that I wouldn't walk again. I looked at him and said, 'that could be me, no one deserves that.' I started praying for him and gave him my hands and began to lift him from the chair as I prayed. Soon he was standing and told us that he could not normally stand without any kind of support. I started taking a few steps and I just watched him start to walk after me! I made a way through the crowd and he started following me through the crowd! It was just such a personal experience because, to see someone who just completely could not walk for years begin to walk and to see God move in such a powerful way, God's just really touched my life. There's so many other stories and its just been such a great experience." ~Sophia


We were told by pastors and missionaries in Haiti that they cannot recall when there has ever been an evangelistic healing crusade of miracles, signs and wonders in this part of Haiti. It was a great honor to come along side local pastors, churches and ministries to break ground in the area. The first evening we saw thousands come out to worship and hear the Word of God preached. As well many of the Cité Soliel residents came to the crusade out of curiosity or because they were invited by the team during daily outreaches or just because of the music from worship which could be heard for miles around. As news spread about the healings, miracles and presence of God at the meeting the crowd doubled on the second night. Thousands more joined us for the third and final evening of the crusade. We saw nearly 2000 people make first time decisions for Christ during the trip and many healed and delivered in miraculous ways.


Todd first called up the blind to the front of the crusade grounds and prayed over them commanding the the restoration of sight to the blind. "Open your eyes and see! In the name of Jesus" he proclaimed. Afterward he had the Fresh Fire Mission team, together with their interpreters begin to check to see if anyone was experiencing a change in their vision. It was thought that one little girl was healed so she was lifted on to the platform to testify. But when asked she told us on stage that she could not see. So Todd prayed for her. Within a minute she told us her sight was restored and she could now see! God is so amazing!


One man came up because he had been completely mute, he could not speak at all. After receiving prayer a few minutes before he was able to speak or begin to make sounds for the first time! When Todd began to test the man to have him try to speak for the first time he was able to repeat the sound of the phrase he was hearing Todd say! Obviously joyful and surprised he repeats after Todd, "I love Jesus!" The crowd goes wild with celebration and many begin to weep with joy!


One lady came up on the platform to testify that Jesus had healed her of cancer! She had a tumor on the inside of her left breast that disappeared during the crusade. After she received prayer she checked and the tumor was gone!


A man who went blind in both eyes 3 years earlier suddenly had his sight restored during the meeting! He said, "I was blind but now I see clearly!"


Another lady had been in the hospital because she was coughing up a lot of blood. The doctors tried to determine what was wrong and treat the lady but finally sent her away saying that they, "Could do nothing" to help her. During one of the crusade meetings she felt the presence of God come upon her in a tangible way, then checked and was surprised that when she coughed there was no blood!


A young boy came up on stage who had been totally blind in his right eye for one month because of an accident. His sight was instantly restored!


A mother brought her little boy on stage when he began to try to speak for the first time ever! He had previously been mute, unable to make any sounds, when Todd began to test him the boy began to mimic the words he heard Todd say!


One local gang member came up on stage for prayer for a debilitating disease, responding to a word of knowledge. When Todd prayed the pain immediately left the man and the presence of God came over him strongly. Overcome, he instantly fell to his knees worshipping God. He committed his life to Jesus while weeping and trembling. Still thanking God he stood up and like a son to a father he embraced Todd and wept. It was a powerful redemptive moment during the crusade where the presence of God touched everyone.


Our outreaches in Cite Soliel and saw many incredible miracles as well. In just a few hours on one day we saw 170 people make a decision for Christ while we walked through the refugee tent villages that still remain from last years earthquake. We saw God touch many people with His love simply because we made ourselves available where the people are. We just went to them, talked to them, asked to pray for them, God moved and the crowds quickly came to hear the gospel. Its just so simple. Some on the team felt led to begin to preach aloud gathering crowds of 50-200 in just minutes. They prayed for people while everyone watched, saw their own friends get healed instantly and many asked to know Jesus as their savior! There are dozens and dozens of incredible testimonies our team experienced during these outreaches. We are in the process of collecting all the stories to post them to the missions area of our website. It is so good to remember and talk about the great things God has done!


During one of the outreaches we rented a very loud truck sound system, drove into a very poor slum of Cité Soliel and the team, with Todd began to preach spontaneously! Hundreds gathered around and many came to Jesus. Its so easy to overcomplicate something until it doesn't seem possible. Its important to remember to do what Jesus did and present the Gospel as accessible and simple, as it is. "I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God's power." 1 Corinthians 2:3-5.


One of the most important needs in Haiti in the aftermath of the recent cholera outbreak is the need for clean, safe drinking water. We purchased the pipes and helped towards the installation of the plumbing to enable the operation of a high quality water treatment plant right in the center of Cité Soliel, where the people need it most, right in the center of the most poverty stricken area in Haiti. Without our help the children and families in this area do not have any access to clean water what so ever. All the time we saw people with buckets leaning over to skim water out of giant pot holes in the middle of the street when traffic slowed down! This is an example of the desperation of the situation! Although mainstream media is not broadcasting as many reports about the conditions in Haiti, things have not gotten better. But there is something you and I can do.

Being that this is one of the darkest, most dangerous areas in the largest slum in the northern hemisphere there has been great concern that a project like this would fail. We were told by many that it is foolish to go into this area because the people are just too violent. That has not been our experience. Although the area is much more dangerous than most and has a terrible reputation from the past due to gang warfare, the people are as precious and valuable as any but unfortunately are often to last to receive help, if at all. Fresh Fire Ministries along with our ministry partners in Haiti are committed to making a long term difference in these lives.

The project has been a great success. Sometimes hundreds of people are lined up down the street desperate to get clean, safe water in fear that the project will come to an end. With the help of our partners and friends we have paid for several more months worth of water trucks to transport water to this facility so it can be treated and continue to be distributed to the people. In countries like this water is life. Unless experienced it is very difficult to understand the challenges a mother faces when there is no water for her children to drink. And they must resort to muddy, infected puddle in the street. But if there are no options, what are they to do. Absolutely heartbreaking.


We are making plans now for more crusades and third world nation projects! Missions, evangelism and revival has been the heart of Fresh Fire Ministries for over 12 years. With an estimated 6 billion people in the world, the harvest spoken of in the Bible is in the overseas nations, India, Asia, Africa, South America.

Please consider joining with us to be part of this mandate by becoming a monthly partner with Fresh Fire Ministries. We can only do what we do with your help. There are many benefits to becoming a monthly partner such as special discounts, reserved partner conference seating, impartation lunches, MP3 of the month and a closer connection and friendship. But there is no greater reward than partnering with the Lord for an eternal harvest of souls and sowing into poor of the earth. We thank you and appreciate your prayers and support.