Amazing Cancer Miracle!By Todd Bentley


Sue: On May 31st

Hi could u please pray for my sister she has been told she has a fast moving cancer. Shes in intensive care, I'm scared. They don't know the source of the cancer. Its bad, I'm scared and I know God can heal but why doesn't he heal all?

Jessa: Answers back during the service before ministry time

I'll have Todd pray tonight "live" on the feed when the anointing is on him to pray!!!

Sue : Oh thank u! That makes me cry, it means so much!

Jessa: He will be reading your prayer request tonight live. Will you be able to watch now?

Sue: I will watch right now! Thank u.... U are a blessing that u care!

(Less than an hour later)

Sue: I heard it! I'm believing for her miracle. I'll keep u updated.... Thank u so much!! That's a strong anointing.

(Last night June 7th)

Sue: I have amazing news! My sister was told they can't find any cancer in her body! She was told it was Adeni-carcinoma. A fast moving cancer that they can't find the source. A week ago you had Todd pray.... I watched and trembled as he prayed. From that day on its like she slowly got better. They kept telling us she needed a hysterectomy because of two cysts or masses in her ovaries. This was causing her tremendous pain. Also her heart was floating in fluid and her liver count was in the 500's instead they said it was suppose to be 35. The day after Todd prayed all fluid was gone. They took days trying to find where this cancer was and wouldn't give her the hysterectomy worrying it would spread. Finally after many days they said there's no cancer. She's safe for a hysterectomy!!!! I thought I was going to lose my sister and she's alive!!! Praise God! And you are such a kind person for answering my request. We needed that prayer and u cared. It means so much! Blessings to you! Please tell Todd she's healed! Her name is Brenda Thank u!!!!!!! God is good!!!!!!!


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