Revival Ignited SpreadsBy Todd Bentley

Dear partners and Friends!

Please read and pray over this quick update!

Nearly 30 days of outpouring and revival meetings in Oklahoma have been incredible. The first 25 services, in Tulsa where the fire ignited, is now burning in Oklahoma City (OKC). The fire is contagious. Many people from Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and all over Oklohoma have been ignited!

There have been some moments where the Glory and worship have been overwhelming; we had a recent service of more than two hours of worship that included the Joy of The Lord. It was Joy unspeakable, full of Glory. A powerful release of holy laughter for sure! I remember it being one of the top 5 glory services I have ever been in. We are seeing a momentum in the spirit and now an overflow Fire burning in Wichita Kansas! The atmosphere in these meetings is so full of his weighty glory. It is most nights like a honey and sweet wine glory cloud!


Sunday June 15 Revival Ignited visits Wichita Kansas for an Overflow service

This outpouring is moving to different cities, some times after 2-3 weeks in one place, then on to other hungry cities. We want it to be a contagious Fire and see it spread everywhere. There is a hunger for God and longing for his presence that is truly passionate. Pastors are coming and receiving the torch of revival. One church reported 15 healings on their Sunday service after coming.


"A Creative Miracle of a Spine" CLICK the below graphic to WATCH

There are many miracles happening and some great medically verified ones. Recently a man who suffered since 1992 and was in need of a miracle in his nerve damaged spine received one. It was verified by a specialist. The spine is brand new. We had a woman, who after 6 years in a wheelchair and needing the assistance of a walker, was totally healed and walking and even dancing as she was healed instantly. A pastors wife in Kansas City with ovarian cancer was healed and has medical verification as well. There have been many healings including a foot that had a growth on the right foot vanish and a man who's paralyzed right foot was also healed. Another Medical test came in of the healing of mastoiditis cancer and a MRI report of the healing of a torn ACL.

Two notable miracles: The woman on the right is now walking without the walker she has has for 6 years. The woman on the left is pain free from years of crippling nerve damage.

We are seeking the Lord about cities in America that want to host revival Ignited Live. We believe these will be 2-3 week outpourings that could transform areas. We are planning a July Revival Ignited in Austria and Germany! There is a hunger in Europe too. We want to continue to broadcast and expand our media for a harvest. Pray with us about one more HDMI Camera so we can continue in Europe and beyond. We really need to add to our Road TV systems. We can do this quickly with your prayers and help.


Will you consider sowing into a new season of revival and Media Harvest.? We are currently raising funds for our TV studio and a mission to Africa and Haiti again! This is good ground and every gift in response to this letter helps so much, and thank you for your consideration and seed. If you can give 10, 20, 50 or more as the Lord leads. We can reach our goals quickly!

Chasing the Lord in Revival

Todd Bentley