In a recent open vision I saw the map of Europe burning! I saw 5 major revival fires simultaneously burning. It was like there were five great moves of God at the same time. Each one had it's own emphasis. I saw one in the Scandinavian countries, one in Great Britain, one in Eastern Europe, one in Southeast Europe and one in Russia. Then these 5 fires of revival leapt into one pillar of fire in Central Europe, which had the elements of all the other moves. The European revival spread through Turkey into the Middle East and the fire in Russia spread into Asia.

Germany will be a great key for the release of missionaries, prayer wells and resources. God will honor the seeds of the Moravian movement and the redemption grace of God will make Germany key in the spirit to touch the world. I saw a great tsunami wave of healing power and glory, but there was a great harvest of souls with it over the map of Europe!

Many years ago I saw "greater works" ministry and miracle workers raising the dead in France and Italy. The move was power encounters, signs and wonders on the streets, theaters, halls and house to house even. This I have seen for 10 years in my spirit! It was resurrection power and glory movement in France!


At one time I saw in the spirit over 100 million souls in one move of God in Europe. Mostly eastern European countries. I saw a fire burn for more than a decade. I continue to see fires burning in revival hub cities all over Europe that serve as equipping, mission-launching bases. These are training and gathering centers. I know in my spirit it is important that we help serve the vision of revival, healing and harvest in Europe. I saw missionaries carrying the torch of great awakening fire into Asia, America and Africa.


I believe in the role Europe is playing in the revival of the great harvest! We are praying, preparing and prophesying about the great harvest move in America. But there is a stirring now in Europe and it is key to releasing the fire to America again like the flames of the Welsh revival! God will open the revival wells of 1859 in Ireland and a new sound of music will come out of Ireland again!

In Him,

Todd Bentley