PERSONAL Ministry Update!By Todd Bentley

Dear partners and friends of FFM!

**Please take a moment to read this brief update on what's happening at FFM and currently in Europe. Please prayerfully consider sowing this month into a new season of Gods Favor and Goodness as we take the fire of his Gospel and love to the world.**


Many of you have been praying and even watching "Live" some of our most recent Revival Ignited meetings online. Many of you have even given generously and sowed into "Revival Ignited" these last 70 services now as you have attended or watched our new Live stream and media archives of the services that began in Tulsa OK.

The recent reports of Gods power and harvest on the streets during the open air events in Germany and Austria have been amazing! We are returning from Europe in a few days with a Fresh Fire for America as we continue in passing the torch of revival and dig a new well in Miami Florida and Charlotte this August.


These last 3 months of Gods favor and grace for Jessa and I, and FFM has received from the Lord has been amazing. It is transferable as we have been declaring a new season of visitation, favor and breakthrough for others. We pray it would be a double doors open season for you too.

It all started in May with his amazing provision of a new training center, launch and dedication of the FFM Healing and Revival Center in Charlotte/Fort Mill SC. Then the fire of revival that sparked in Tulsa OK where we stayed the first 26 days. Now the fire of Revival Ignited spreads from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Witchita KS, Canada and now throughout Europe have been amazing and full of his Glory.

There have been many notable miracles and Salvations in these recents weeks. God has also restored our ministry and relationships in Abbotsford BC, Canada during recent restoration and healing services with Wind Word Church in Abbotsford/Langley BC.


We are so thankful for all this in the last 3 months. Many of you know as well we are currently filming a full 90 min documentary movie on my life story and the power of redemption with a major Canadian producer. The working movie title is "The Salvation of Todd Bentley" This movie will be apart of some major film festivals and is being made for some TV networks with Canada and a worldwide affiliate distribution.

We pray this project will touch many with the power of Redemption in Christ's love. It features my life before Christ, into Salvation, and the rise and fall of Lakeland, then restoration and current day ministry. It is a true tears "tragedy and triumph" redemptive story.


We have spent the last three weeks ignighting the fires of revival In Europe. The meetings in Cologne and Stutggart Germany have been most fruitful. In Germany we saw a great outpouring of Power in the streets in our open air preaching in one of the largest squares where thousands gather downtown. We gave three different altar calls and each time people came forward and received Christ as savior and many notable miracles happened on the streets of Germany. Some estimated the crowds at over a 1000 that heard the gospel in this one meeting.

Again what a great demonstration of power on the streets of Salzburg Austria. We took the stage at the Salzburg music and art festival. This is a great historical city, and the place where Mozart was born and the famous Sound of music was filmed. We preached in the largest open square on the center stage as thousands passed through and it was even recorded for Switzerland, Germany and Austrian secular Television. Many responded to the prayer of salvation and came forward for healing prayer on the streets.


The reason for this update and letter is also a request to our partners and donors. We have a small but significant need and are believing for a overflow of resources as we are moving into our fall Schedule and missions.


We have a immediate need of 15,000 dollars and are trusting God for a additional 100,000 for missions in the coming weeks. We can all help with something and easily meet our immediate need and more. We are asking our partners, friends and donors to respond and give to the cause. This is indeed good and fruitful ground to sow into.

Please pray and consider a "seed" today in helping our Revival Ignited Team, staff and mission in Europe! Your resources now can help us in the purchase of another HD camera for our TV broadcasts and some other sound and technical equipment for the road team and training center in Charlotte!

Thank you for your prayers and any support you can help us with now in this new season of harvest and revival.

I pray his richest blessing on you!

Todd Bentley