Prophetic Encouragement Full PentecostBy Todd Bentley

Prophetic Encouragement Full Pentecost

This is the word and passion in my spirit in recent weeks that God would reignite the flame of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost that is in us!

Imagine- we have the original FIRE and POWER that fell on the day of Pentecost. What an amazing thought that the same Spirit burning in and through Peter and Paul also burns in me. My original DNA, link, and nature is made up of the fire that fell on that day. Many of us simply need God to stir it up again so it burns in us in a new and powerful way. Even as I write about it, I hunger for more and feel a fresh Spirit of revival for the church in America. This chorus by Bethel Music and Brian Johnson captures the true Spirit of our need for His fire today.


I'm laying down my life
I'm giving up control
I'm never looking back
I surrender all
I'm living for Your glory on the earth

This passion in my heart
This stirring in my soul
To see the nations bow
For all the world to know
I'm living for Your glory on the earth

For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me!
Light a flame in my soul for every eye to see!
For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me!

We need a fresh experience (revival) of the original Pentecost experience that we received when we were born again and filled with the Spirit. We need the same fire from the 2,000-year-old Pentecost that the disciples and early church received. It burns in us still and needs to be ablaze again like an unquenchable, contagious flame. We need to believe God that His outpouring on "all flesh" will manifest itself in its fullness again. We no longer have to just talk about the Day of Pentecost or about the Azusa Street Revival. There are some things that God is releasing fresh now and He is pouring out His Spirit on the church.

Full Pentecost

When I talk about a "full Pentecost," I'm not just talking about power, revival, harvest, signs, and wonders. I'm talking about visions, dreams, prophecy, encounters, heavenly signs above, and wonders beneath. We need to believe God for all the signs of a full Pentecost again.

We need a new fresh outpouring like in the days of Evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter! They say in her meetings people had regular open visions and even sometimes hundreds at a time were slain in trances like dead men. They described detailed visions of Jesus, angels, hell, and heaven after being in the revival atmosphere. I want an outpouring of power and an outpouring of fresh, supernatural encounters with heaven.

I'm not preaching a denomination or organization, but a hunger for a fresh experience with the fire that comes by the Spirit of God. We need to have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit that will look like Pentecost in fullness again!

One truth God is really restoring to the church again is visions, revelation, prophecy, and dreams with confirming heavenly signs and wonders. It's amazing that many Pentecostals accept a baptism in the Spirit with tongue talking, harvest, signs, healings, and wonders. But when it comes to heavenly dreams, prophecy, encounters, and visions, we stop short! Many of us love the idea of Pentecost but we are lacking the full experience, which includes supernatural encounters and experiences.

Never Satisfied

We are contending for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit and glory of God. We are asking for a full Pentecost complete with supernatural encounters and power to spread the fire of revival and healing. Let's ask God to ignite in us a fresh fire that's so hot it cannot be stopped. As John Wesley once said "Set yourself on fire and let the world watch you burn."

Revival Ignited Charlotte!

Join us in Charlotte, N.C./Fort Mill, S.C. for this Revival Ignited Event August 28-30! What God has been pouring out in recent weeks in America and our recent Revival Ignited Europe Tour will be a mighty impartation of fire, healing, and joy as we allow the fresh wind of the Spirit to move among us again in the Carolinas.

All info posted at www.freshfireusa .com

I look forward to seeing you there,

Todd Bentley