Redeeming the TimesBy Todd Bentley

The Lord has been speaking to me about this one phrase "Redeeming the Times." We're just going to begin reading in Ephesians 5:14. "Awake, you who sleep. Arise from the dead and Christ will give you light." Awake-it's a call to an awakening. It's a call to revival, and revival simply means to live again. We need to wake up spiritually. Something happens when there is an awakening, we arise from the dead, and Christ will give you the light.

So the call is to awake, and that's what God is saying prophetically right now. Awake out of compromise. Awake out of religion and tradition. Awake to spiritual hunger. Awake to righteousness or a desire to have an encounter with God again. Awake us. "Wake us up, oh God. Wake us up Holy Spirit so that we can know what revival is." When I read the word awake, I started thinking about what it means to wake up.

The Sleeping Giant

I remember a vision that I read by a man that was part of a great revival in Argentina. He simply had a vision of a large giant that was covered in rubble (think of Jack and the Beanstalk). This giant was lying in rubble and ash, and he saw all of these small demons, but it wasn't the demons or the things holding him down. The giant was asleep, but every once and a while, the giant would try to wake up. When he did try to wake up, the demons would flee in the darkness and start terror. However, he would not be able to sit up fully, and the giant would fall back to sleep. As soon as he would fall back to sleep, the demons would come rushing back in. The giant is the sleeping church.

God wants His church to wake up. God wants His giant to arise and take its place, but we've been lulled to sleep spiritually. Paul begins his message about redeeming the time. He begins the message with a call to revival, a call to awakening, a call to live again, a call to wake up out of compromise, and say I need an encounter. "Come Holy Spirit. I need to live again. I need the spirit of revival." Awake and Christ will give you light.

We go on to read in Verse 15, "See then that you walk circumspectly. See that you walk carefully, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil." The days are short. Therefore, do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Redeeming the time has to do with walking in the will and the purpose of God-understanding what the will and the purpose of God is.

The Blood of the Lamb

Verse 18 says, "Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled the Spirit." So, right in the midst of this call to awaken in this message of redeeming the time, God says be filled with the Spirit. The key to revival and awakening is an encounter with the Holy Spirit-to constantly keep being filled with the Holy Spirit. I stopped and read that phrase again in Verse 16, redeeming the time, and I thought to myself, "How can we redeem time?"

The word redeeming means to buy back an opportunity that was lost. Redeeming the times means to be careful to take advantage of every opportunity that God gives us. I don't know about you, but I've had times of hopelessness, regret, and despair over opportunities that I know I had and missed. If I could have done it differently, I would have even went back in time and said, "Help me, Lord." This happens in our life this way many times. And I was thinking how can I redeem time?

"God, is it possible time that has been lost has been given back to me?" When I started thinking about redeeming the time, I realized that God was speaking to me about the power of redemption. Now when we talk about redemption, we use the word redeemed. We go back to the moment that the blood of Jesus washed us and cleansed us. We remember the day when we came into salvation and were redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Thank You, God for redemption. I remember the day when I was saved and born again.

The Lord was speaking to me about not just the cleansing and forgiveness through the blood, but that we've been redeemed. They've been singing in heaven, "We've been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb." I thought about what that means. I know what it means in the context of how the blood of Jesus has bought back, and I think about the free gift of salvation. But the Lord was speaking about a whole lot more than just the gift of redemption that came in the moment of salvation. He was saying, "I want to redeem and buy back every opportunity that has been lost because you weren't careful to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented before you, because the days and the time are short. I need to add days or I need to accelerate time." I started thinking these thoughts and meditating on the phrase, redeeming the time.

Back to the Future

Immediately I thought that even in the Lord, we could rewrite history. I remember a pastor that told me the most amazing story. It really got me thinking about redeeming the time. Not just redeeming the time and rewriting history, but redeeming the time has to do with acceleration, where God can do in six minutes what would take six years. Elijah had a supernatural season of acceleration and outran the chariots of Ahab. God can come upon me and cause me to do more in six minutes than six years, because a thousand years is as a day to the Lord.

The way that time works in the Spirit and the way that time works in eternity are so different. If God has to add days, God can add days. The most amazing thing is God caused the sun to stand still. There's still a day missing. God said, "I'm not done yet. I've got to stop the sun for Joshua, because there is something that I need to get done." This is the purpose of God. The Scripture says we can taste of the powers of the future age, and now we can even go into the future and taste time.

I was thinking about what Esther said, for such a time as this-a kairos time, redeeming the time, an accelerating time, tasting of the future, the Holy Spirit telling me things yet to come. Bringing what was reserved for another day, bringing it into my day, and being a forerunner. Rewriting history and going back to the future, redeeming time has to do with the will of God. It has to do with the purpose of God, and this pastor told me an amazing story. She was from Albuquerque, and she said, "There was a moment in my daughter's life in school." Your parents drive you to school, and they drop you off. They say things in front of your friends, and it just becomes a mark on your heart, a mark on your soul.

People I know today that are sixty years old still remember, "I was eight years old and Dad brought me to the school, and he forgot to pick me up, and I remember how the kids bullied me at the playground." It's like there is this mark that comes, especially when you're young. There was this one incident that this pastor had with her daughter and she took her to school, and they had some kind of fight about lunch money. "You're not going to get any money today so you don't eat, and I'm going to send you to school." And her daughter became so traumatized by this event of not having money for lunch, no money to buy milk, that thirty years later, every time her daughter would get on the phone with her mother, she would bring up this one thing.

"Mom, I love you, and I need to be honest. I love God, but there's still this mark that I can't get out of my heart. I can't get this offense, this trauma, out of my heart. I don't want this to be in me." It became this moment of, "Did you forgive me? I'm sorry. I blew it in my moment of anger and frustration and you just won't let it go even after thirty years." "Well mom, I want to but I can't let it go. It's not that I'm holding on to it, but it's just become a part of who I am. I was so traumatized."

Then this pastor's wife had a moment where she was caught up in the Lord and was thinking about redeeming the time. God was speaking to her about back to the future and this whole idea about rewriting history-that healing can be so complete as if this had never happened. So, she called her daughter up one day. They were talking on the phone, and she realized for the first time that her daughter didn't bring up the past. So they talked a second time, and a third time, and she realized that the daughter didn't bring it up again.

So she decided to go to her daughter and ask, "Can I ask you something? Why is it the last few times that we've talked, you haven't brought up the incident?" And the daughter said, "What incident?" She said, "No, remember when I brought you to school, and I didn't give you money for milk, and how you were embarrassed in front of all of your friends?" The daughter responded, "Mom, what are you talking about? That's not what happened." Because not only was she healed, even the memory was replaced. She said, "That's not what happened. What happened was that you not only gave me money, but you gave me money to buy food and milk for all of my friends. So I don't know what you're talking about." The Holy Spirit whispered to her that was a healing.

That is just one example, and I walked away from that testimony thinking about how the blood of Jesus, the power of redemption, that God can redeem and buy back as if something never happened. In the end, God's restoration is really better than it was in the beginning. The message I have is the Lord told me that there was a fresh anointing coming on our eyes to see in the Book of Ruth, things about Ruth, which is a vital message for the church today, because Ruth was all about the beginning of the harvest. The whole setting for the story of Ruth in the Bible was the harvest. And because we, as a church, are moving into the harvest at the end of the age, there are things that we need to understand about that message.

The Beginning of the Harvest

My message this morning isn't about Ruth, but there are a lot of things in the Spirit about redeeming the time and restoration that I want to say about Ruth. The Lord has been speaking to me about when He restores, it's always greater and better than it was in the first place. Now we know Ruth means friendship and commitment, and Ruth is a true picture of intimacy. The story of Ruth begins with Ruth and Naomi and their families having to leave Judah because there was a famine in the land. And it's not just in the natural but even a spiritual famine, and they had to go into Moab.

Naomi loses her husband. Ruth loses her husband. All of Naomi's sons die, and they are living in the land of leftovers really. They're living in a time of famine. Naomi is bitter and broken; so much so that she says don't call me pleasant. Don't call me Naomi anymore. Call me weeping, call me bitter, because I was full, but now I'm empty. I've come back broken. I've come back empty. When I went out of Judah to Moab, I was full, and they called me pleasant. My name was Naomi. Now my name is bitter. Call me Mara. Call me empty. Call me living in the land of leftovers. Call me living in debt. And here I am with my daughter-in-law.

Here's Ruth. And they are coming back now from Moab, because they heard that the Lord is visiting Judah again. I just remember this one part of the story out of Ruth 1:11, and it was when Naomi says to Ruth, "You've been released from your commitment. Go back to your family. Go back to your land." Remember when it said Ruth clung to her, just that one phrase? We cling to Jesus-commitment.

Ruth really was a friend. I love the story because Naomi says, "Why do you love me? I have no more sons to give. Why come with me when you can go back to your family and your land? You know my other daughter-in-law did. Come on. Go with her. You're released. I bless you." Ruth clings to her and says, "You have no more sons to give. I don't love you with motive. I don't love you because you have something to give me. I love you because I know friendship, and I love you because I know intimacy." It's love without expecting anything.

Naomi says, "What do you want me to give? I have no more sons. I have nothing to give you. I am no longer Naomi-pleasant, full, and overflowing. I'm now Naomi-bitter, empty, and broken. I have nothing to give." And that's when Ruth said, "I'll love you." Ruth means friendship-friendship with God and commitment. Here is the thing that Ruth lost. Just like you and me outside of the covenant, Ruth married into something that was greater than she was, because she had a right. She had an inheritance through her husband, on her husband's father's side, Naomi's husband. Do you know what his name means? Kingship-the right to be entitled to be king, to be in the royal family, which means a social family and money.

There are a lot of things about being the daughter-in-law. The father-in-law has the right to be king, and now I've married into something kingly and royal, and it became my destiny through my husband. When he died, Ruth lost her vision and her inheritance. Ruth lost her dream. She had no more ties or right in the natural through relatives to make any kind of a claim to kingship, and that's what she lost too. When we get to the end, we know about Boaz, the kingsman and redeemer, one of the greatest stories of romance, love, friendship, commitment, intimacy, and restoration. Ruth is the story of expecting nothing in return.

They come back to Judah, and she said, "I'm going to love you even though you're empty, Naomi. I'm going to love you even though you're broken. I'm going to love you even though your name is bitter and weeping. I'm going to love you and you're not full, and you're not pleasant. I cling to you and you have no more sons to give. And you have nothing to give me in return, because that's what love is. It expects nothing, and I am a true friend. We're coming out of the land of leftovers." They come back to Judah and Boaz comes. Where is Ruth? She's in the field with the inheritance of the poor and the stranger.

The poor and the stranger were the ones who had a right to what was leftover in the harvest. You couldn't glean from the field. You had to wait until the harvesters and reapers were done, then the poor and the stranger could come out into the harvest and pick up the leftovers. Here is Ruth and Naomi living in the land of the leftovers. From pleasant, full, favored, and kingship to empty, broken, bitter, weeping, and gleaning in the land of the leftovers, in the time of famine. Then comes Boaz.

When Boaz came, he said, "Who is this woman? Tell her to come into my field. This woman cannot only come into my field, but I'm going to give her my field. I'm going to give her the best of my field. I'm going to give her the harvest, and she can reap with the reapers." And do you remember what Ruth said? Ruth said, "Why have I found such favor? Boaz, why have I found such favor?" That's the goodness of God.

Have you ever said, "God, why do You love me? God, why do I receive Your goodness? God, why do I receive Your favor?" And here is Ruth saying to Boaz, "I don't understand why you're good to me, and there is nothing that I gave you, and I have favor. Even with all of these other women that have rights, and all of these other reapers, I've got a place in which there is something in me that you loved, that was attractive, that you gave me favor." Do you remember what Ruth said in the beginning when she said I'm going to cling to you Naomi? She said, "Urge me, I'm going to follow you, and wherever you go, wherever you lodge, that's where I'm going to lodge. Wherever you live and where you go, that's where I'm going to go."

It's like when Jesus said the Son of Man has no place to lay His head. Wherever You go, I will follow You Jesus. Wherever You live, wherever You lodge, that's where I'm going to lodge. I'm going after the cloud and I'm going after the glory." Ruth said, "I'm going to leave my land, my mother, my brother, my family, all that has become familiar to me in my land, my people, my culture in Moab, and I'm going to go into an unfamiliar people and unfamiliar family, an unfamiliar culture with nothing to give in return. You have no sons to give me, and I'm going to love you, and I'm going to follow you, and I'm going to cling to you and model what true commitment, friendship, and intimacy." And she finds favor and she says, "Boaz, why do I have favor?" And here is what Boaz says, "Because you said to Naomi you were willing to leave land, father, brother, culture, and people." I thought of this because I said to Jesus I will take up my cross. I will deny myself. I will lose my life, and wherever You go, I will follow, and wherever You lodge, I will lodge. I will be a friend of God and committed to God even though there is nothing to give that You haven't given already. I will love You because You're worthy.

This is why Ruth finds favor. Then the most amazing thing happens. Naomi says at midnight when the man is sleeping, "I want you to go to the man's feet, and whatever he tells you at his feet, I want you to do that." I mean, what a prophetic message. I want you to go to his feet, and I want you to sit at his feet, and whatever he says at his feet, I want you to do that. Boaz wakes up and says, "There is a woman laying at my feet. Why are you laying at my feet?" And what a picture, like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Boaz wakes up, and he finds Ruth at his feet. The story goes on when redemption comes and Boaz comes. He not only buys back and assumes all of the debt of Ruth, but he buys back and assumes all of the debt of Naomi too. There was something in the favor that was on Ruth that brought the breakthrough and the restoration for the rest of her family.

There is something about when the jubilee comes. It's not only the liberty in the jubilee and the celebration of joy for you, but like Ruth, "I'm going to buy back and assume all of the debt that Naomi has too, and I'm going to bless you, and I'm going to bless Ruth though she has nothing to give me, but she has favor, because she's laying at my feet." In the end, Ruth is released from debt and blessed. Naomi is released from debt and blessed. She's no longer called the woman that is bitter and Mara. She's now called the woman that's most blessed, and she's so blessed that when Ruth has a child, they said it's better than seven sons.

Redeeming the Time

This is what the Lord is releasing in this moment-in this hour. He's releasing and speaking about redeeming the time. Let me tell you what redeeming the time means. In the Greek, redeeming means we can buy up ransom or rescue from loss all of those times in our life that we missed the will of God. C.S. Lewis said that we can actually buy back times in our past when we've felt abandoned, abused, betrayed, and fearful. We, as believers, cannot only be forgiven of our pasts, but we can even travel back in time with God and see Him as a very present help in times past, present, and future. We can redeem those times from the past the enemy wanted to use for evil. Redeeming the time has to do with buying back every lost opportunity that we had, to ransom, and to rescue from lost.

Now I don't know about you, but I've had times where I've said the blood of Jesus will forgive me. The blood of Jesus will cleanse me. God has forgiven me, but the fruit of my sin is the mess that I made. It's like when you've made your bed, we've been taught, to lie in it. There is a consequence to sin. There is this whole idea that when we mess up, there is forgiveness and cleansing, but somehow the consequence, discipline, and the fruit of our actions is forever the way that it has to be. God's forgiven me and I'm cleansed, but because of the choices that I've made, this is the way that it is in my marriage, in my business, in my church, or in my ministry. People don't understand that we have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Not just in the moment of salvation, but the ongoing power of redemption that God is redeeming lost time, God is redeeming lost opportunity, so that God is ransoming, rescuing, and buying back the bondage that you came into. The Scripture says do not give place or inroads, nor give opportunity to the devil. We tend to think about the bondage, the oppression, the sickness, and the poverty that comes.

God forgave me and cleansed me, but this is the consequence of my sin. We don't understand that not only does God want to forgive and cleanse, but God wants to redeem us back from the bondage, sickness, and poverty that came because of our willful disobedience. It is not just something that happened at the moment of the cross, but every day there's an opportunity to redeem an opportunity that was lost.

Understanding the Blood of the Lamb

In Revelation 12:11, it says that we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, and we did not love our lives to the point of death. I wrote down five things we need to understand about redemption. Revelation 12:11, "We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and we loved not our lives to the point of death."

So how do we use the blood of Jesus as a weapon of warfare? People talk about the blood of Jesus as a spiritual weapon. I believe gone are the days in the 1970s where people were running around and sprinkling and pleading the blood of Jesus. God moves in faith. Hallelujah. Faith comes when we honor and speak of the blood, but I don’t really go around in the name of Jesus and say over demons, "I plead the blood over you." I believe there is another way. I wrote down five thoughts about understanding the blood and how it works, and how we can even use the blood of Jesus as a weapon of warfare.

We need to understand that the only basis that we have that's legal for the promises of God is the blood of Jesus. We understand the cross and what it's done. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb. The only reason that I have victory is because of the blood and what the cross has already done. We testify, speak, and declare the power of what the blood has already done.

We want the devil to hear that we know what the blood has done. We testify of its power. We understand that who we are is because of what the blood has done, the righteousness of God. We have faith and trust in the blood's power. The last key to overcoming is we love not our lives, and are dependent on the Holy Spirit to the point where we are willing to die to ourselves, deny ourselves, and lose ourselves, which becomes a great weapon of warfare.

The Lord spoke to me out of Isaiah 43:25. God just doesn't forgive and cleanse my sins, but we read, "I am He. I am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance. Let us contend together. Come to My Court." It's like the Heavenly Court. Let us contend together.

What are we contending over? The sin, debt, sickness, poverty, and disease that's the fruit of sin. It's one thing to be forgiven and cleansed, but it's the circumstance. There is still the fruit. There are still the consequences of sin. There's still the bondage. There are still the areas of your life where you've lost peace and joy, and there is grief and sorrow because of the fruit and the decisions that you made. You know that God has forgiven you, but you're still walking in consequence. God is saying, "Let's contend together where the devil believes he has legal basis, and that he is the accuser."

It is only in the blood of Jesus that we have legal basis to the promises of God, and God is saying, "Come to My court and contend with Me that you might be acquitted as if it never happened. Declared righteous and justified. I want you to contend with Me so that you might be acquitted." If you're acquitted for your sin, it's as if it never happened. God orders back all of the stuff that the devil took because of the door that you opened and the choice that you made when you sinned. Then God redeems that.

We want to understand what it really means to be restored. God said, "I will restore the wasted years that the locusts have eaten." When we're talking about redeeming the time, we're talking about the wasted years. If I could have been on fire and got a hold of the revelation that I have today when I was twenty, and if I could have made a different decision in my ministry, in my relationships, or if I could have made a decision when I was sixteen or when I was thirty, I would not have to live with all of this regret.

Leap Year

God said, "I will restore to you the years that have been wasted, because I will do in one moment what would take ten years. I'm going to add days and stop the sun." The Hebrew number for the Jewish calendar is not 2013. If you go by the real calendar, God's calendar, it's 5774, the Hebrew number for this year. We've just come into the Jewish New Year, the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. We've come into the Jewish New Year, new beginnings, and the Hebrew number 5774. The unique thing about this year by the Hebrew calendar is that this is a leap forward year.

We understand in February we are going to leap forward like a day. God has added days every month to the Hebrew calendar this year. It is not only a leap forward month; it is a leap forward year. It is a time of acceleration. It means God is giving us more years or more days this year so that time can be redeemed or accelerated so that we can fulfill the purpose and will of God.

God is going to accelerate and give us opportunity to taste of the power of the age to come this year, things that are yet to come, to bring into today something that is reserved for another day, to rewrite history, to live in a divine moment of purpose for such a time as this. Redeeming the time. "Lord, how do I redeem the time, and days and years that are wasted?" The Lord added fifteen years to Hezekiah. God gave time. God can add years to things that you couldn't do that you were supposed to do. He just gives you more days. God just makes the sun stop still, hallelujah. God brings you out of the land of leftovers like Ruth, and He makes you bigger and better than you were in the beginning.

To recap the story of Ruth and her redemption and restoration, not only did she get her stuff back, and all of her debt cancelled, Naomi got her stuff back too because of the favor and breakthrough that was on Ruth. God did it for the rest of the family too. Naomi wasn't weeping and bitter anymore, but she became pleasant and full again, praise God. It's the redemption of Ruth and Naomi, and in that act, praise God, the thing that Ruth got back was her vision. She got back her inheritance.

Part of what God wants to restore is the inheritance that you lost. When Ruth's husband died, she lost her inheritance to be king. But in her marriage to Boaz, Ruth became the great grandmother of King David. Can you imagine? You're not even a Jew. You're not in the covenant. You're from Moab, some of the most evil people, and now you're the great grandmother of the king that brought the Messiah. God knows how to give it back, praise God. He knows how to make it better than it was in the first place, because we're redeemed.

Todd's Personal Journey

When you're talking about redeeming time, you need to understand what time means. What time means is taking advantage of every opportunity and occasion to do good. How many times do you believe that we have failed opportunities that we had to do good? However, God can rescue and buy back, and bring us back to the crossroad. Forty years they went around the same mountain. God said forty days and they went around. He said after the first time, "This is a forty day journey, Israel. You made it forty years." God so wanted them to get it right that He just kept bringing them opportunity, and opportunity, and opportunity for forty years.

I remember a time when God blessed me and touched my life. In 2008, I'd come to the pinnacle-as far as fulfillment of dreams and visions. I said, "God this is what I've lived for. This is what I've preached; this is what I've done for twelve years. I've dreamed of the biggest arenas and stadiums in America, and there was going to be a revival." The dead would be raised, the media were going to come, this nameless, faceless generation, Joel's army, and I had lived my life in ministry for this one dream; to see a revival in America that would go to the biggest arenas and stadiums. I lived my whole ministry preaching to twenty people, fifty people, one hundred people, just wanting to be faithful, knowing that God had called me to a global scale and take the Gospel into the nations. I've been in seven different nations. I've had over one hundred fifty international soul-winning crusades. Crowds of up to 235,000 people in a single service. Meetings of just one hundred people, meetings of ten, twenty, and thirty thousand people a night in Africa, and there was revival, over a million decisions for Jesus Christ.

In seven years, we saw over 1,000,000 public decisions for Jesus, but it still wasn't enough. I knew that God had spoken to me in a church of just twenty people when I was eighteen years old, that it was a revival coming and it was prophesied by many of the prophets before me, all the way back to Kansas City. I was a four-year-old boy, and Paul Cain got up and gave a prophecy, and there were prophets that prophesied like Jack Deere and Rick Joyner. They talked about a Joel's Army, they talked about a nameless, faceless generation that God would raise up that would move in such great powers, signs, and wonders that the biggest arenas and stadiums wouldn't be able to hold. And I said, "God, this is what I live for. This is my dream. This is my destiny." I didn't have $500.00 to my name. I didn't have a passport, and I just began to dream with God until the glory touched me. I was twenty-two years old when God touched me and my ministry began. I became faithful everywhere I went. I started preaching miracles, signs, and wonders, and God was faithful. People were getting saved, healed, and delivered. When I showed up in Lakeland, Florida to a hungry crowd of just three hundred people in 2008, I had no idea of what was about to take place.

God was about to fulfill more than twenty-five years of prophecies that were prophesied during what was called the Kansas City prophets. It would be the first fruits, the beginning, not the full attraction, but just the preview of the coming attraction. For a moment, God would give us a taste, and this revival began. The rest is history, but it began and very quickly within fourteen days, we were moving into the largest stadiums holding twelve thousand people.

The power of God was moving. I preached for one hundred twenty-seven days and saw miracles. I haven't seen it on a level like this other than in South Africa. We had meetings where thirty-five people would get out of a wheelchair in one meeting-thirty-five empty wheelchairs. Can you imagine? We had people that were totally paraplegic from the neck down that would be instantly healed. They walked out of the services. There were so many miracles. There were thirty-three testimonies of people raised from the dead. The power was moving. Tumors, cancers, death, blood, and every week, thousands were being saved on the streets in Florida.

We were sending more than one thousand evangelists to the streets each week, and then television came, GodTV. The media came, Nightline News, and Geraldo, and Oprah Winfrey. Every media in America, NSBC, every major news network in America was talking about Florida. He said, "This is just the beginning." The presence of God was in those meetings, the glory. Some of you were there and blessed it and prayed for it. Canada cheered me on, and the world cheered me on. It was like, it's our moment. The church was coming into something and as quickly as it came, I had a crack in my foundation, and I wasn't ready. There were decisions that I made, and in the end, it all came down. It didn't start or rest on man, but we can't help but muddy the water. In the end, it became public that there were some things wrong in my marriage, and I went through a divorce. Divorce, remarriage, and two-and-a-half years of restoration. Just now, five years, and I'm really beginning to come back.

Revival is coming this year in Africa again. It was like Lakeland, Florida, on the same kind of level. It was five years to the day of grace and restoration. When it was all over, I repented and God forgave me and cleansed me. There was something in my heart that said, and there are many leaders that said too, never again. "Oh you can be saved and be in church, but you're disqualified. You don't meet the requirements of a leader, bishop, elder, because you are divorced and disqualified. You can love God and be forgiven, but you'll never have revival again in stadiums or see miracles." And then there were others that said now God will for forgive you, restore you, and you'll preach again, but it will never be what it was. And I believed that it would be, and I labored for two years that it would be in churches of fifty, churches of one hundred, dreaming that it would be the way that it was. In the end, I said maybe this is just the way that it's going to be, and I need to accept and say thank You God for the faith hundred. Thank You for the faithful hungry.

If I could just preach, I mean at least I'm preaching, praise God. At least I'm still doing my dream. I still go to the nations and there are some crowds there in Haiti and Africa. I just thank God that He redeemed me and saved me after my greatest fall in Lakeland. I'm in love again, and I'm married, and it's awesome, and I've been restored. Praise God. Men like Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner said, "We're going to help you, and we're going to get you back, and we're going to restore you. It's going to be better than it was." And I believed them, and I went after it, and it was the hardest preaching that I've ever done for two years.

I went from $13 million in the bank to $20 to my name. I went from almost four thousand covenant monthly partners that helped me take the Gospel around the world to not one partner when I moved to Charlotte, NC. I had a staff of one hundred twenty, and television, and some of the biggest conferences in Canada. We'd have four thousand people in Abbotsford who would come to the Secret Place. They would come to hear Heidi Baker. We brought in every ministry in revival that you could imagine. We had three church plants going. Our church consisted of about seven hundred people. Things were thriving.

At one time they said you are the fastest growing evangelistic-type ministries in all of Canada. In the end, I was bankrupt, broken, divorced, and weighed about 260 pounds. And I was so sick. My kidneys were failing. I was so depressed. I lived in a cave for six months, and I said I'll never preach again and I don't want to. For six months Rick Joyner called me on the telephone every day. He said, "God loves you, and if He did it with Jim Bakker, He can do it with you. If He did it with Peter, He can do it with you. Just come and get healed." I felt like Ruth. And God forgave me and God cleansed me, but I said it'll never be stadiums again.

I had just resolved that the consequences of my sin would forever be, and people would not trust me, and there would be a reputation. There are people that might hear me preach and want to give an offering every once and a while, but they will never receive me back in Canada. Leaders will never receive me back. I said, "Well, that's not what restoration is then, that's not redemption then." And I purposed in my heart that not one political spirit, not one religious spirit, not one man, woman, or circumstance would tell me that I couldn't do it again. I purposed in my heart that I would do it again and be faithful, and it would be bigger and better than what it ever was. And that God would pour out His Spirit again, and it has begun, and it is happening again. What we saw in South Africa was just the beginning of God saying restoration is real.

God Will Redeem the Time

Every opportunity that you've lost, God will give it back, redeem the time, and ransom back the bondage you came into because of the decision that you made after you became saved. You put yourself back under the law of sin and death in choices that you've made. People said, "Todd Bentley, you made that choice to divorce your wife and said God will forgive you." And I said, "But what about the bondage? What about the oppression? What about the demonic powers that are working?" You can't make the kind of decision that I've made, and walk away from what I've walked away from in Lakeland, and not open up some kind of a door. The witchcraft that was against me, the demonic power, it just went on and on and on.

Redeeming the time has to do with understanding kairos, and I want you to understand the concept of kairos which means time, the idea of time. It's not about minutes and seconds, wristwatches and sandals. It's about the flow of time, a specific measurement of time, kairos time. Kairos carries with it the idea of the right time, predetermined time, and opportune time.

How much time before lunch would not be the word kairos. It is time to have lunch would be. It's time. It's time, praise God. One is speaking of time in minutes and seconds, where the other one is speaking of a point in time. A point of determined time-predestined time in eternity a thousand years is as a day, the flow of time. I want you to think about the flow of time.

Examples of kairos is the time where you had better get moving, praise God. The crops aren't going to harvest themselves. Kairos is the appointed time, the proper time, and the slice of time where we have opportunity. Eventually though, the kairos divine opportunity time will slip away, and that's why Paul said to be careful, the days are evil. We can't even begin to buy back the power of the time that we lost already until we understand to get it back from the enemy. We need to awake first. We need an awakening.

Redeeming the time is the idea that we purchase out of slavery the fleeting opportunities that we were presented with. In other words, make the most out of every opportunity. Make the most of your time. Stepping out of the kairos moment of God's time is referring to the will of God, the purpose of God.

This is how we tend to look at time. In every moment of life, family, relationships, and business-we blow it all of the time. With the idea of redeeming the time, God is saying not only am I cleansing and forgiving, but also I'm going to acquit. You're acquitted. "I want you to understand that I not only forgive, I block out your transgressions." It's as if it never happened. So that means the consequence of your sin never happened either. That means it's not restoration until the consequence and the fruit of the action that you made is redeemed too. It isn't restoration until I'm back preaching in stadiums. It isn't restoration. God brings back a lost opportunity.

In God, the flow of time never stops moving. At any juncture you get off of the road, and when you receive the power of redemption, redeeming the time, not just forgiveness and cleaning, but redeeming the time, you get to step back into the will and purpose of God, the constant flow of time, as if you never got out in the first place. You don't start all over again, you step right back in the same juncture and keep going on. If you get off again and you fall into some willful compromise and religion, and you're not praying, then all of a sudden you decide to say, "God forgive me." Then you begin to seek the will of God, and your passion becomes doing the will of God again. Even after all of these years, you're like can I come back?

There was a gift of healing, and power, and miracles, and all of these years later, you come back. You get to step right back in, and the time keeps moving. It never stopped moving. You don't have to make penance, because the way time works in heaven doesn't work by days, calendars, minutes, seconds, and wristwatches. It's one constant flow of time-the beginning, the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning is in the end, the end is in the beginning. At any moment, God can bend time to make it fit what you are doing and put you into time so that it's as if you've never lost time.

I will restore to you the wasted years that the locusts have eaten and I will make it so perfect that it will be as if you were never divorced. It'll be as if you never went bankrupt. It'll be as if you never sinned, and I can rewrite history and even replace memory. I can make you whole and perfect. Not only do I forgive, but also I blot out your transgression as if it never happened. So now the devil can't stand before the throne and say, "Yeah, you're forgiven, but the consequence of that action..." God would say, "Contend with Me, and you will be acquitted, because it's so perfect being in the blood of Jesus."

You are coming into Ruth, and God is going to give the inheritance back and your kingsman Redeemer comes, and you're moving out of the land of leftovers, and you're moving out of the land of weeping and bitter, and you're coming into the land of fullness and abundance. Naomi is going to be pleasant again. God will assume your debt, praise God. He will assume your mortgage, praise God. He will buy back your land, your house, and your property.

How many of you know that's jubilee? When it happens to you and me, anybody and everybody that has ever blessed us and helped us has to be restored too. Every church and every ministry that has lost ground because they stood with me will be restored. Rick Joyner was one of the greatest ministries that took hits. I mean you want to talk about losing partners and money. He had lost thousands, partners, and ministers-things that he had built for twenty and thirty years. He said, "But I saw the things that are about to happen still, and if I have to lose everything that I have to get one person back to where I know God wants him to be, in the end, it will be worth it." And I'm telling you now, even in the last six months, the honor, the people, and the money...

I received just one offering for the ministry, and they said it was double more than any other offering. I said, "You see, because you were faithful in that season, God in my restoration is bringing restoration to you." God, in Ruth's restoration, brought restoration to Naomi. In God's restoration to you, your whole family and anybody that has been affected by decisions you made, have to come back in the blessing too. That's what redemption is.

Grab hold of this message today friends, and receive all the Lord has for you now.

Be Mightily blessed with Spiritual blessings,

Todd Bentley