South African Revial Testimones!By Todd Bentley

I had been suffering from allergies and skin rashes 3 decades now. During the revival healing ministry, I touched my TV screen and I am healed now. I thank our good Lord Jesus for healing me and also Todd for praying for us. Bless you Todd.

- Jess


Hi Todd!

Two weeks ago I had a very sore abscess under my arm. I was watching you on God TV when you were in Cape Town and you said we should lay our hands on the parts that were sick. I first prayed for my sinuses and my ears because I have been troubled with that since school. Afterwards I remembered about the abscess and started praying earnestly about that because I was worried about it. It was hard and sore about 5cm x 2cm. The next day it was soft and smaller than 2cm x1cm. It is now gone! Praise God! Jesus is Lord forever!