May 12 South Africa Revial Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

Indrani from North Dale, SA

She had a curved spin, and could not bend. After she went for prayer, she was able to bend her back and walk without pain!

Wendy from Tongaat, SA

She has had Systemic Lupus for 15 years and was 59 days in a coma. When she got ?prayed for she felt something come out of her and she started tingling all over. Normally she couldn’t even bend down, now she can bend down!

Joanne from Phoenix, SA

She had a heart condition. She felt heat in both of her ears and felt a feather light feeling. She had a frozen shoulder and during worship, it got healed and now she has full range of motion. She also used to be on a lot of different medications, and the doctor said she doesn’t need to take them anymore!

Julie from Phoenix, SA

She had a brain stroke on the left side. When she touched the screen and believed for healing, she got healed of stammering and she doesn’t stammer anymore!

Ravi from Stanger, SA

He had severe stomach pain and was on a lot of medications. Ever since he went up for prayer he hasn’t had an more pain, no more medications, and he has been able to eat normally!

Shirley from Tongaat, SA

She has had fibroids on her ovaries/ cysts. On one Sunday meeting Todd gave a word for fibroids and cysts. She went up for prayer and after that she went to the doctor and they couldn’t find any more cysts!

Mrs. Naidoofrom from Queensburgh, SA

She has a thyroid condition, and after she received prayer she was able to sing and felt relief in her thyroid!

Malaga from Newlands West, SA

Has had arthritis and 3 arteries blocked in heart. Since prayer, stopped medication, no pain, felt relief and all tests came back clear from doctor!

Leonard from Phoenix, SA

He had a burst eardrum and could not hear on the left for years. He could hear sounds of water and now is completely clear!