May 18 & 19 South Africa Revival Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

Michelle from Pretoria, SA

She had a spinal dislocation for 2 years. When she got prayed for she felt heat and electricity going through her back!

 Pierre from Pretoria, SA

He has lost sight in his left eye from an attack and has had this condition for 20 years. He was receiving his sight back after prayer. The doctors said that his condition was irreparable!

 Charmige from Sonneveld, SA

She had pain in lower back and buttocks for 2 weeks. The pain went away when she was prayed for- now she can move!


She was born with an eye defect in her left eye which resulted in having to get surgery to try and straighten the muscles up. After the surgery her view of color was very skewed and she couldn’t see colors properly. After she got prayed for she was able to see colors properly!

 Louies from Pretoria, SA

He wore glasses for optical illusion for flying. All of a sudden while getting prayed for his eye sight blurred with his glasses on, he took his glasses off and was able to see perfectly!

 J.B from Benoni, SA

Was born blind and can now see more clearly!

 Nikki from Johannesburg, SA

She had a burst eardrum since she was a young baby. She put her finger in her ear by faith believing in her healing. All of a sudden fluid starting leaking out of her ear and she was able to hear clearly!

 Lorna from Pretoria, SA

Had floaters in the eye and now they are gone!

 Daniel from Pretoria, SA

He had a leaking heart which caused him to be exhausted when walking. After getting prayed for, he felt a lot of energy when walking!

 Adele from Pretoria, SA

C3 Fraction, has had issues with her neck for the past 3.5 years. She felt a pop after she got prayed for and felt a lot better!