May 9 South Africa Revival Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

Sandesh from Umkomaas, SA

He was blind in 1 eye and after prayer he began to see light in his right eye!

 Feroz  from Durban, SA

He had Thelassemia Major for 32 years. He had pain in his leg and it vanished once prayed for!

 Cindy from Durban, SA

She had swelling in her feet and knee- it was Arthritic. Her condition has been gradually getting worse. She normally wouldn’t even be able to walk up stairs but after prayer she has been able to walk up stairs on her own without assistance!

 Owen from Tongaat, SA

He has had wheezing in his lungs all his life, and after prayer he felt heat come all over him and he stopped wheezing!

 Trishani from Phoenix, SA

She has had a leaky heart. When she got prayed for she felt the presence of Jesus, her hands started vibrating and she felt Jesus touch her whole body. She felt a release of pain in her chest, and a renewal of strength. Since she got prayer the first time the doctor said the heart was more stable!

 Dolly from Durban, SA

She has a tumor in her stomach which spread to left lung- it's Cancerous. After she got prayer, the pain in her chest vanished!

 Trevor from Verulam, SA

He has had throat cancer. Since he got prayed for he has had a lot of strength and can move again, the doctor even said he has seen a big improvement!

 Pravesh from Verulam, SA

He has had cancer in the bladder. After prayer he felt heat and pain coming out of his bladder!

 Veerasamy from Tongaat, SA

She has had rheumatoid arthritis for 8 years. She could not use her left leg and now she can walk with it!

 Sandy from Verulam, SA

She has had back pain and after prayer, all the pain disappeared!

Loraine from Port Elizabeth, SA

She has had breast cancer. She felt the power of God move in her, she felt lighter and tingling all over her body. The pain in her left breast went away!

 Evan from Durban, SA

Has had stage 4 breast cancer for 9 years. The pain which was on the left breast left after prayed for!