May 8 South Africa Revial Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

Chitra  from Durban, SA

Had tumors in ears, 2 of them and they are now gone! She had bleeding ulcers for many many years. Osteo Arthritis gone and Rheumatory Arthritis gone. Yesterday for the first time she was able to stand up out of her wheel chair and walk to a taxi. Before she wasn’t able to function without her wheel chair.

 Rodney from Phoenix, SA

He feels that he has gotten healed from Cancer. He hasn’t eaten in 7 months and tonight was the first time he was able to eat. He is willing to go to the doctor and get verification of his healing.

 Coopa from Stanger, SA

He was an alcoholic for 50 years, and he came in for prayer the moment he was touched all the cravings went away from the alcohol and he now has no cravings even when he walks past bars he has no cravings.

 Ruth (Standing in for her dad, Eddy) from Belvidere, SA

He had cataracts in his eye and while watching GODTV he placed his hands on the TV and was completely healed and can now see clearly.

 Rugara from Tarniet, Victoria, Australia

Swollen left breast and arm they said her cancer has spread all over her body to the lungs and liver and bones. The Lump in her tummy as well. After prayer the lump on the left side of her tummy disappeared and the swelling is gone.

 Savy from Durban, SA

She was cured of Enjina she touched the TV and was cured. She went to the doctor to verify and the doctors said it was gone and she doesn’t have to be on any more meds. She suffered with this for 5 years.

 R.G from Pietermaritzburg, SA

He had pain running from his heart all the way down his left hand. His daughter wanted him to go to the hospital and he wanted to come to the meetings first and while he went for prayer for his eye his entire hand got cured no pain now!

 Deidre from Phoenix, SA

A couple of years back she was in a car accident and from that her shoulder was acting up and constant pain in her shoulder and now the pain is completely gone.

 Krish from Pheonix, SA

22 of April was diagnosed with cancer in rectum, and would wake up inhorrible pain, after prayer all the pain is now gone. Going to the doctor fri for surgery awaiting a good report of complete healing

 Yatish from Tongaat, Belvedere, SA

He was involved in a fight a while back and had 36 stitches and had no feeling in his arm, since prayer he can feel again in his right hand.

 Bennett from Verulam, SA 

He has had black pigmentation in his left eye for 5 years and now its all gone!

 Romaine from Chatsworth, SA

A month ago her daughter Shierece, developed lumps all over her body. Her liver is enlarged and she has low blood cells the doctors say its Leukemia. The mom Romaine left the daughter Shierece in the hospital to come and receive prayer on her behalf in faith. Just now right in the service she has received a call that there are no more lumps and that the rash that developed is completely gone. Before the child didn’t even have an appetite and was just sleeping all day. Just now she ate and is playing!

 Pravanshnee from Chatsworth, SA

Macular degeneration she had black psots on her eyes and they are not there any more.

 Mrs. L from Pietermaritzburg, SA

She is a Hindu and she came in with faith. Her husband was diagnosed 7 days ago with lung cancer. He is currently at the hospital. One of the ushers prayed for her and the Usher told her that she felt like her husband was getting healed She then phoned her husband in the hospital and he said he was feeling better and is moving around he’s going to go tomorrow and get a doctors report.

 Tina from Pietermaritxburg, SA

She could not even see a foot in front of her now she can see distance!!


Todd said Anemia by word of knowledge and she began weeping in her seat uncontrollably so she went up to Todd and he prayed for her and while praying he started prophesying he basically said she was prophetic and she was trembling so much and couldn’t believe what happened.

 Janikie from Tongaat, SA

When she was watching GODTV there was a word of knowledge for a pinched nerve on the right side and it was her. She is a Hindu and doesn’t normally watch GODTV and doesn’t got to church. Her whole family are Christians even her late husband was a Christian, and now she's watching GODTV and her pinched nerve is healed.

 Kitanya from Verulam, SA

She couldn’t see very well everything has been a blur. She only had 10 percent of her vision now she can see more clear.

 Champa from Pietermaritzburg, SA

She couldn’t see before she got prayed for and now she can see in both eyes.

 Lorane from Durban, SA

She is in Frail care. She needed a knee replacement but becuase of her heart condition she couldn’t get it. But today for the first time in years she was able to walk up the stairs on the stage with no walker, wheelchair or any help.

 Asha from Verulam, SA

Severe bodily cervix cancer brought in wheelchair. She started walking she is fine and is going to the doctor tomorrow and she is a Hindu  and she is still believing she will be healed from cancer.