May 11 South Africa Revial Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

 Ria from Howick West, SA

Age 9

She had Asthma for 5 years. While she was watching GODTV in her living room, she touched the TV screen and felt heat run through her body. Before because of the Asthma she was not able to do sports, now she is able to.

 Lilly from Stanger, SA

She had degeneration of the Spine for Migraines and knee issues . When she got prayed for she felt heat and received healing.

She also received Salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit!

 R.G  from Pietermaritzburg, SA

Partially blind for 3 years- felt heat and can now see!

 Bridgette from Chatsworth, SA

Had a broken nose, and had repercussions from it for 20 years. After getting prayer, she felt the bone pop back into place!

 Violet from Bluff, SA

She had advanced Cataracts for 2 years. After prayer, she felt intense heat and started vibrating!

 Rama from Umhlali, SA

Had torn ligaments, and acute hearing loss. Felt hearing and a popping in shoulders and ears.

 Cookie from Stanger, SA

She had joint disease, she was bleeding nonstop for 3 weeks. Her aunt was watching GODTV and was praying for her while she was at a church in Stanger. She feels great now!

 Deshana from New Hanover, SA

 She had a Knee Condition for 2 weeks. Felt a warm heat and started to move her knee which she couldn’t do before!

 Rekha from Phoenix, SA

Had demon possession for 20 years. All of a sudden after prayer felt a release and a feeling of light came in!

 Anthony from East London, SA

Had Leukemia since last year, he was in his home watching GODTV and Todd said put your hand on the TV and he did believing for healing. The next morning he had so much energy than he has had in a while- where as before he had no energy at all!

 Aldon from Dalton, SA

Had a knee condition for 3 years- felt heat movement in body as well as a release!

 Janelle from Tongaat, SA

She also gave me the doctor verification of her healing.

She had Anemia for 4 years. She was sitting at her seat and Todd said put your hand on your self and pray for your self. She started praying and suddenly began weeping, and felt a vibration all over her. She went for blood-work to verify what was going on in her body, and the doctor was so surprised because she has had this problem for so long. Her results came back normal no Anemia!

 Glo from Dalton, SA

Had arthritis for 13 years chronic. Felt a burning sensation, and a bone popped back into place.

 Prashella from Chatsworth, SA

Had asthma for 14 years- doesn’t need her pump anymore and can breathe properly without any pain!