May 7 South Africa Revial Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

Tuesday, May 7


Peter from Tongaat, SA

He was healed from Tuberculosis. He was on a lot of medicines. When the Lord touched him, he felt a complete calm. He went to the Doctor the next day on the 2nd of May and the doctor said his condition is now negative and no more. He is negative for TB now and completely healed! No More Medications!!!


Nitisha from Phoenix, SA

She was healed from Leukemia! She was suppose to receive treatment for 4 weeks starting next week. She went to the doctor, and he said she doesn’t need to come next week for treatment. All her results were better!


 Ranolene from Phoenix, SA

She had Asthma for the past 5 years. Every 2 weeks she was hospitalized because of the Asthma. Two weeks ago she was in a prayer line for prayer. Since then she hasn’t had to take medications and hasn’t been hospitalized!


Tilla from Amanzimtoti, SA

She had a Lower Back condition for 6 years. She wasn’t able to bend over or pick up things bending over at all. After she got prayed for, she felt a pull in her back and she knew instantly, she was healed. She is now able to bend over, and can now go on will all her activities normally!


Michelle, age 12

She saw an Angel, that came to her and told her not to worry because God is with her!


Justin from Phoenix, SA

age 12

He saw Jesus and 2 Angels. Jesus was red and white, and the angels had wings, and were flying next to Jesus and Jesus told him he loved him!



He said he saw Jesus and he was red, white and blue!


Joel, age 12

Jesus opening his hand and he stood up in front of his throne and said I love you my child. There was an Angel next to him that also had his hand open and going towards him!


Chirag, age 9

 He said he saw Jesus!