May 5 South Africa Revial Healing Testimonies!By Todd Bentley

Sunday, May 5
Tongaat, South Africa

Noshad from Pietermaritzburg, SA
Suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 8 Years and began feeling relief from Pain in the Service!

Veni  from Durban, SA
She had a Stroke on the right side of her body. She received prayer and began feeling heat all over her right side (on the side the stroke was on). She also said because of the Stroke her eyesight was not good on that same side but now she can see brighter and better now!

Mavis  from Durban, SA
She had recently had a hysterectomy of the womb. She has been in terrible pain for months and months, but today it released, the Pain was gone, and she began feeling heat where her womb was!

Priscilla  from Durban, SA
Because of Diabetes she has had no feeling in her feet, today she is able to feel her feet!

Shireen  from Newcastle, SA
This lady has had horrible pain in her throat from cancer and now the pain is gone!

Nitireno  from Durban, SA

He had a deaf right ear- now his ear is open and he can hear!

Ronny  from Durban, SA
He was blind in his left eye- now he can see!

Sarah  from Phoenix, SA
She was walking with a cane when she came to service, now she isn’t walking with a cane anymore and the pain is gone.

Claude from Durban, SA
He had cataracts in eyes and after prayer he could see more clearly!

Julie  from Durban, SA
She was a Muslim, and today was the first time she has ever even walked into a church building. She had Kidney, Heart, Arthritis and Diabetes Problems, she also wasn’t able to breathe without a paper bag. After prayer she felt lighter, her heart was beating normally and now she can breathe fine!

Zenithoon  from Durban, SA
She also was a Muslim, and today was the first time she has ever even walked into a church building and she also gave her heart to the Lord. She had a frozen shoulder, and arthritis. She could not properly lift her arm and her eyesight was dim. After prayer now she can see, she can lift her arm completely, her back pain is also completely gone!