Phyllis and Sophia from Atlantic Highlands, NJBy Todd Bentley

1. How did you get connected with Fresh Fire?

We got connected with Fresh Fire through the Lakeland outpouring. We went down to Lakeland because of our daughter, Sophia. At age thirteen, she was struggling with cutting, suicide and depression from being bullied. I was also suffering from depression.

A Pastor mentioned a young evangelist in Lakeland, Fl that was having meetings. And in the meetings, people’s scars were being removed, which was a miracle. At the time Sophia had been trying to find a dress for a pastor’s wedding reception but trying to find a dress that would cover up her scars was hard to find.

We went down for a four day weekend and it turned into being a 40 day trip! Sophia got healed! And I did too. Sophia’s scars did not go away but she knew the Lord was going to use this as part of her testimony. Her inner scars were healed though from depression, cutting, and suicidal thoughts.


2. What made you decide to become a partner with FFM?

During the Lakeland revival God told me to become a partner. We started being a partner when Fresh Fire was located in Canada and even when they moved the ministry to the United States.

Two years later Sophia got sick with an incurable disease. She had been in a hospital over eight weeks and was told she would be in a wheelchair. We heard Todd was released by Rick Joyner and that Todd was coming to Virginia Beach. When we heard that, we got in car and drove down there. There God healed Sophia. God totally restored her.


3. How has partnering with us changed your life?

We both have realized our destiny with God. Todd and Jessa are mentoring Sophia now. I am the happiest I have ever been. We now know that we are called into the mission field and that is where we are going. We now see our purpose and divine destiny.


4. If you had one question to ask Todd, what would it be?

What was it inside of Todd that gave him the drive to overcome the adversity that he went though after Lakeland, because a lot of people would just have given up. There had to be something inside of him that gave him the courage to say, “I am not done” and stand up even after all the controversies. What was the one thing that really drew him to say, “I am not going to give up and I am not going to quit and I will continue to serve God”?

Todd’s Response: A lot of people ask me this question. People always want to know how I kept myself strong, loving the Lord, and continued to pursue my purpose. During the first 6 months after Lakeland, which was a challenging time for me was a battle of depression and discouragement. I felt like Elijah the Prophet, I wanted to give up. It was the constant encouragement of Fathers and a few true friends that kept speaking life into me that kept me going. One blessing in this hardship that I endured, was that in the midst of it all, I fell back in love with Jesus for Jesus again and not for ministry.

Phyllis and Sophia from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey