Gloria's Healing TestimonyBy Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley, I saw you on "It's Supernatural" back in 2008. I came home one night and the program was just ending. Sid Roth asked you to pray for people watching TV. He said God can heal through the air waves. I had a hurt foot for two weeks and the pain was bad; I did not go to the doctor but was limping real bad. I had my legs throne under my hip on the couch. You said to put our hands where ever we needed healing. I just put them on my heart and then I remembered my foot. I grabbed my foot and you started praying. You prayed for different things and then you said, "There's a lady out there who has a fractured foot." Then you stopped and said, "A right fractured foot.'' I looked and it was my right foot. I stretched my hand to the TV and said, "That's me!" I received the healing and the program ended. I sat there for a while and then got up to go into the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen I had noticed I had absolutely no pain! I praised God, I jumped, ran, I wiggled my foot. Today it is still healed and like Jacob's hip, God reminds me of the healing, my foot making a funny noise when I move it around. The other foot doesn't. God bless you. - Gloria