Current Prophetic MessageBy Todd Bentley


This prophetic word is written in partnership between Ryan Wyatt, Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner. It includes prophetic words of the Lord from Todd Bentley, Bob Jones and Ryan Wyatt.

The Lord has been visiting us in some profound ways recently, as well as bringing to our memory some prophetic experiences and words from the Lord from years ago that we believe are for now. The following includes a compilation of these words that all merge together for this time right now in 2010.

The history of this prophetic word started back in January of 2007 when Todd Bentley and Bob Jones both separately had angelic encounters about the glory of God and the supernatural release of finances for God's people. In January 2007, Todd was visited in the early morning hours by an angel that carried the fear of the Lord. The angel spoke to Todd about God judging and shaking everything that can be shaken and releasing a fresh fear of the Lord upon God's people and the earth. The angel then went on to describe a "greater glory" that was coming. The Lord commissioned Todd to begin hosting "Greater Glory Gatherings" for the purpose of stirring up God's people to simply seek after the face and presence of God for a release of His glory like we have never seen before. What followed caught everyone by surprise. There came a supernatural release of signs of God's glory in the form of gemstones and diamonds showing up in the meetings, major financial breakthroughs, debt cancellations, and major favor in the realm of finance that continued for months leading right into what has now been called "The Lakeland Outpouring", which was marked by notable miracles on a massive scale and aired LIVE on television, with thousands in attendance, night after night for 4 months.

Very recently, Todd had a dream where all around him all he saw was rubble and the dust was still settling. From the midst of the rubble he pulled an ancient book that spoke of the tabernacle of glory. The same week of this dream, Todd was again visited by an angelic being covered in gemstones. The angel said he was an angel that stewards over finances and that there was a supernatural release of finances from God's glory that was upon us!

After these encounters, Todd felt led to get on the phone with Shawn Bolz, Ryan Wyatt, and Bob Jones. They each had prophetic words and experiences about this greater glory and the release of finances both present day and dating back to 2007, just like Todd did.

On January 24th, 2007, (the same month that Todd was visited and commissioned to host Greater Glory Gatherings) Bob Jones also had a visitation from an angelic being that stewards over the supernatural release of finance. The angel told Bob that he was assigned to funnel finances for the Kingdom and that it was time for people to lay their plans and blueprints before the Lord so they could be supernaturally financed.

Again, in a recent phone conversation, Shawn Bolz reminded Todd that years ago Todd prophesied over him that he would be visited by an angel of finance, which happened shortly after and led to Shawn's book on the Keys to Heavens Economy. Just after this word to Shawn from Todd, Bob Jones gave Shawn a word and said that there would be major warfare, resistance, and hindrance to the supernatural release of these finances until the year 2010.

As Todd and Ryan Wyatt were speaking over the phone, God began to speak to Ryan about the story of Josiah in 2 Kings 22-23 and in 2 Chron. 33-35. Josiah had a heart to restore the house of God. In the process of reconstruction, Josiah's men found an ancient book. It was the book of the law given by Moses. Josiah read the book and saw how Israel was supposed to be living in order to carry the glory of God, yet realized that his nation had fallen from the ways of God. The fear of the Lord came upon Josiah and he repented before God. Josiah then immediately began to go through the temple and throughout the nation as a reformer and cleanse it from every symbol of baal or demon worship and burned them with fire. Josiah then realigned Israel with the ways of God and re-instituted the gathering of passover. Tens of thousands of animals were slaughtered in dedication to God and the Bible says a passover like that had not been held since the days of Samuel the prophet.

Ryan began to get revelation about Todd's dream, where he found a book in the rubble, and that it was indeed time to gather God's people together again with a spirit of repentance and the fear of the Lord, but also with a spirit of generosity and sacrifice so that our lives and our finances can be re-dedicated to the Lord and so a supernatural release of finances and debt cancellation can take place. Josiah was reading the ancient book of Moses that detailed Moses' encounter where he was given the blueprint for the tabernacle of God and how Israel should live. God reminded Ryan in that moment that when Moses was on top of the mountain, in the tangible glory cloud of God, the blueprints of the tabernacle of glory were given to Moses but before God would initiate the habitation of glory, He asked Moses to have the people come with a heart of generosity and sow into God's plans for habitation.

Ryan was given further revelation about a very recent increased assignment of witchcraft against God's people in the area of their finances. There have been open visions and detailed words that have come recently to confirm this fresh wave of witchcraft released against God's people in this area. What we know is that the devil begins to sense the areas that God wants to release major breakthrough and then he begins to attack God's people in that very area in order to hinder the supernatural release from the glory.

Again, this word is a compilation of words from Todd Bentley, Ryan Wyatt, and Bob Jones and we sincerely believe that the Lord is calling a gathering. A GREATER GLORY GATHERING where we contend for greater dimensions of the glory of God to be released but where we also get intentional about the breaking of witchcraft assignments against God's people in the area of finances.

For this reason, we are coming together April 18-21 for a Greater Glory Gathering hosted at Heritage International Ministries in the greater Charlotte, NC area. It is time to gather together in the fear of the Lord, seek His face and realign ourselves with Him! It is time to come together in unity and lay our debts and areas of need before the Lord and to believe God again for a fresh release of His glory that will shake the nations!

Join us for THE GREATER GLORY GATHERING, April 18-21, 2010!