The Restorative Dividends of the Presence of God For His Own SakeBy Todd Bentley

Dear Friends,

God's plan for each one of us does not change. The One who calls us is faithful, and He will do it! (See 1 Thess. 5:24). I have discovered that when God births His plans and purposes in our heart, they do not go poof! when we fail, if circumstances are bleak, or as the enemy challenges our call or attacks us on our journey. We may let go of a vision, but God does not. Often we become too discouraged and doubt what we know to be true, and sometimes we pitch figurative tents in our own (or another's) backyard of failure, in our sin, or in hard circumstances. But what we what we have is worth fighting for; it is worth building on, it is worth nurturing. Your destiny, my destiny, the relationship, the anointing, the souls, the harvest, the gifts, the talents-it is worth the fight, it is worth rescue, it is worth restoration, it is worth repentance, it is worth forgiveness, it is worth cultivating, it is worth lingering with God and moving on and moving with God into the manifestation of His promises, for His Own sake. "...for I know the one in whom I have put my trust, and I'm convinced that He is able to protect what He has entrusted to me until the day that He comes" - 2 Tim. 1:12.

Loitering Allowed

Lingering...I love hanging out in the Secret Place of the Most High God! I recently re-read a message I had had transcribed and published some time ago that He gave me concerning the Secret Place, which was my foundation for my life and ministry, and still is. God has me share messages with you certainly as much for my own growth, building truths in my heart precept upon precept. The article premise was that within that Pavilion of His Presence is safety, refuge, and shelter. The Most High God is Most High, far above all power and all might, far above all principalities and all dominions, and far above every name given in this age and in every age to come. The very Name of God and His very presence is far above every sin and all oppression, every sickness and all disease, above all lack and all poverty.

Thank You Jesus for the reminder. I was thankful then and I am still thankful that He is Most High because all things...all things are under His feet. This I know positionally, and this I know by experience. Particularly with recent personal challenges and "fall from grace"  it has been good to remember this place of "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength," the "more than a conqueror" place of victory. It is a place of overcoming, rising up, far above, not defeated; a place of subjecting those things that bind and trip me up to the rule of the Lordship of King Jesus.

Divine Restorative Dividends

The Secret Place... this is where I can completely trust His ability and love, and lay down my own ability and failures at His feet, which is where I first met Him many years ago as a lost young person with an oblique past and where He first birthed His destiny for me in my heart. It is in this High Place of rescue and restoration that I have revisited His plans and purposes for my life, and, where He has resurrected the hope of my calling.

The restorative dividends of God's precious presence are priceless. I am seeing and loving the results as I grow and increase in mature stature in Christ Jesus with firm resolve to lay down my will completely for His. In addition, I have a greater sensitivity to His will, to the need for accountability, and to the needs and feelings of others. Most of all, I am even more determined to glorify His name and lift it ever higher as His subject and as a walking testimony of His continual transforming grace.

From the Watershed into Tomorrow

I am well aware that the journey from our past mistakes can be fraught with fear, doubt, trepidation, condemnation, and regret, for starters. However, in this divine watershed, this "Secret Place of His Presence," I have lingered with the Word Face-to-face, and receive power moment-by-moment to live a holy and acceptable life today thus gaining the courage to flow and traverse with God and within His will into the places of tomorrow. Pressures, temptations, oppressive forces, sin, and sickness abound but we all have the privilege of resting in the Secret Place of His presence where we can completely trust God's ability and love for us, and lay our ability, will, failures, circumstances, and battles completely at His feet.

I will never know joy unless I am on this journey within His will, in the outflow and overflow of His love, glorifying Him at every juncture, lifting High His banner into the harvest fields. I have learned a lot, and I am growing in the knowledge of His grace. I thank God for those faithful sent ones full of grace, those who have found it within their hearts to forgive, who have not lowered the boom on His hope and desire for me, for deeming the hope of my calling worthy of rescue and restoration for His Name's sake. "I am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for Mine Own sake, and will not remember thy sins" (Is. 43:25). God is restoring His people, and I amongst them, hallelujah, I believe to prepare us for the greater to come. How I hunger for more of Him and the more of Him the more His love manifests in signs, wonders, and miracles.

More than ever now, I see people hungry for the miraculous; but what they are saying is, "I want/need/have to have more of You, Jesus!" Many believers are operating in a greater anointing for deliverance and healing than we have seen in decades, and with significant breakthrough, as we saw in Lakeland, which, was only the beginning.

From Past to Purpose

In my book, Christ's Healing Touch Volume 2, "How to Walk in an Overflow of Miracles," which I hope to have off to press in the near future, although written a few years ago but not yet published, the timing of the message could not be more perfect. We all desperately need His touch in every aspect of our lives. In one of the chapters, the message is how discouragement can foster unbelief. I pray unbelief is not in your heart as a result of hurt and disappointment wrought by unfolding events and decisions I've made, that even before God completes His work in me and heals, restores, and re-establishes my life and the life of this ministry; that He restores your hope, faith, and confidence, that He heals hurts, disappointment, and discouragement. I pray, that as my healing and restoration continues under a team of qualified leaders and with time spent in the Secret Place of His Presence,  that we can again stand and believe together to see all of America encouraged, healed, on fire, and ablaze for Jesus. This is the vision, and it is alive and well.

I am encouraged to hope that though justly corrected, He has not forsaken me, and has saved me for His own Name's sake, to the praises of His power and grace. You are breaking through, I am breaking through, the Church is breaking through, heaven is breaking through, hell is not prevailing, and things are about to change big time.


I think back on people our own ministry was involved with in "rescuing," through the love of Christ and His healing, delivering, saving power, the souls we fed with spiritual manna from the Word, many of those ones are rescuing others today. Our own rescue and restoration position us to become actively involved in setting others free. However, sin, addiction, sickness, infirmity, and other areas of bondage not only afflict the lost, but also many believers today. More than ever, I hear their heart's cry to be free but many are perishing for lack of knowledge. It is time now for us to share the knowledge of our restoration, to rise up as a healing and deliverance army to expose demonic powers and deal with them, and to seek the Father because He desires to teach His people about walking in the authority. He wants to see His children free.

Discouragement, especially in these difficult times can be a major hindrance to this restoration of Jesus' deliverance and healing ministry within the Church. Sadly, multitudes in the Body of Christ today suffer all kinds of bondages and sicknesses because of the unbelief in God's power for today, and remain in Egypt. Nevertheless, it is time for all of us to enter the Promised Land, a kingdom demonstrated not just in word but also in power.

The Cutting-Edge

If we are to set America ablaze, we need the cutting-edge power of God to capture its attention; we need to preach the Gospel of power with signs, wonders, and miracles following. In a world so immersed in secular humanism and influenced by the media and entertainment industry, we need the power and love of God radically demonstrated in our lives and in our works.

I have made it my resolve and my life work to know Jesus and the reality of the supernatural power of God on earth as it is in heaven so that my life would become a supernaturally empowered and charged walking, living, breathing testimony that introduces the world to the Supernatural God of Love and Power, the Creator of the Universe who restores people, who desires people whole, delivered and healed.

Jesus came to set captives free from their past to their purpose. More than ever, I am testimony of this! A work in progress testimony, as we all are. Together, we will journey and meet every challenge with the Promises of God, which are? Yes and Amen! And there was power in their testimony. The more we have to testify of and the more people testifying, the more the world will realize how deep and wide His love, that miracles happen, and prayer works.

Re-establish, Regroup, Grow, and Go!

Thank You God...and...thank you friends, partners, prayer warriors, and supporters for your grace and forgiveness throughout this time, and for standing with us as we re-establish, regroup, grow, and go for massive harvest! I am committed to the work of the Holy Spirit in my life and in yours, to the original vision, to fresh vision, and to His plans and purposes, and look forward to moving with God into His call and going forth in an overflow of miracles with you, for His Name's sake.

Todd Bentley