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The seven Spirits of God are “sent out into all the earth” (Rev. 5:6), each Spirit manifesting according to its function. The Spirit of knowledge is the Holy Spirit, but this Spirit reveals itself in a way that the Spirit of the fear of the Lord doesn’t—but it’s still the Holy Spirit. Each Spirit manifests as a personality which has a specific function.

For instance, in the Book of Proverbs, wisdom is portrayed as “she”—that’s a personality. “She raises her voice” (Prov. 1:20). God also said that wisdom was with Him when He formed the earth. “The LORD by wisdom founded the earth” (Prov. 3:19).

I’ve had four of the seven Spirits visit me in the form of angels. Several years ago, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, the Spirit of revelation appeared to me as an angel. He held a lantern in His hand and He guided me into a room of hidden treasures and revelation. He said, “Come with Me into the deep things of God.”

Wisdom visited me, and she also had the form of an angel. The Spirit of wisdom resting on my life has enabled me to oversee a large ministry, even though I didn’t finish high school and have no formal business training. I attribute all that I’ve learned—the practical aspects of building and managing a global ministry—to the Spirit of wisdom upon my life.

I also saw the angel representing the Spirits of counsel and might. On one leg was written “counsel” and on the other was written “might.” In His hand, He held a sword that represented the Word of God (Heb. 4:12). The Lord was showing me how closely these two Spirits work together and that in the last days the prophetic and the word of knowledge would become commonplace among believers. He also showed me Hebrews 12:13 and revealed that the Word of the Lord would bring healing, signs, and wonders for the harvest. The Spirit of the fear of the Lord also visited me, but this Spirit didn’t appear as an angel.

The Bible gives us many symbols for the Holy Spirit (wind, fire, a dove) but nowhere does it tell us that the Holy Spirit has an actual form. The Father does, Jesus does, but not the Holy Spirit—He is with- out form. Could it be then, that He sometimes reveals aspects of His nature by manifesting in the forms of angels or messengers?

I heard the testimony of one young man who had an encounter with the seven Spirits of God. He was taken up into a classroom as a pupil, and each one of the Spirits was personified as a schoolteacher with a personality and a message. Each of the seven Spirits would teach and then write His message on a chalkboard.

As this vision illustrates, if we want an increase of the sevenfold Spirits of God in our lives, we must go through their schools where we will grow in the Lord, as well as in wisdom, revelation, counsel, might, knowledge, and in the reverent fear of the Lord.

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