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Does your heart long to know the deep things of God? The Holy Spirit invites you to know those deep things through revelation and wisdom, counsel and knowledge. God’s eyes search to and fro, looking for believers who hunger for His presence and for the constant flow of His revelatory treasures in their lives. He wants to abide in you constantly and give you greater revelation of His supernatural world. This teaching on the manifestation of the seven Spirits of God will help that happen for you.

As you grow in intimacy with the Lord and in an understanding of His seven Spirits, you can expect to receive daily from His river of revelation. As the prophet Isaiah wrote in a prophetic passage about Jesus: “He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to hear” (Is. 50:4). As a New Testament believer, you have the same Holy Spirit as Jesus did; therefore, you can also expect that each morning your spiritual ears will hear words of life from God.

As we study the seven Spirits of God, you’ll receive a greater rev- elation and understanding of the riches hidden in God. We’ll begin by examining several references to the seven Spirits of God and His different manifestations; then we’ll cover each Spirit in depth in other articles.

Isaiah 11:2 lists the seven Spirits of God: The Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of revelation (understanding), the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of might (signs and wonders), the Spirit of knowl- edge, and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. The seven Spirits of God are seven expressions, each one an aspect of the Holy Spirit. The Amplified Bible uses the term “the sevenfold Holy Spirit” (Rev. 1:4 AMP). The Holy Spirit isn’t split up; He just manifests Himself in different ways. He manifests as the Spirit of wisdom when we need wisdom, as the Spirit of counsel when we need guidance, and so on. The mystery of the seven Spirits of God is the same as the mystery of the Trinity—separate but One.

The seven Spirits of God is a reference to the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son to the believer (John 7:37–39; 15:16, 26). He enables believers to experience a genuine relationship with Him through the multiple ministries (expressions, functions) and work of the Spirit.

Seven is a biblical term for completeness. A description of the sevenfold Spirit of the Lord, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, is found in Isaiah 11:1–4. He desires to impart to us God’s fullness—His wisdom, understanding, counsel, supernatural strength, might, and the ability to walk in a healthy and reverent fear of the Lord. A revelation of the sevenfold Holy Spirit will empower us to live in and minister from the place of His fullness.

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