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This video will be a major blessing to you. The only reason I wanted to share this testimony with you is because it carries a real spirit of breakthrough. There truly is an anointing and impartation that you can receive watching this short testimony! More than ever, I believe that this is a Jubilee year, and we are proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord's favor. We are experiencing and praying for miracles in our resources, and this is another example of how God can add and increase us for the kingdom! The couple are Fresh Fire partners and a great blessing to our ministry. The video was filmed using Periscope! So, please forgive us for the quality but the message and anointing is there! I encourage you to ask the Lord as you watch this video how you too can sow a seed of breakthrough and increase into cold ground. My prayer is that as you watch and respond that you too will experience a great outpouring in you kingdom resources. 

Todd Bentley



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