Dear FFM Friend,

Let me be the first to say thank you for taking a moment and reading this letter. I also want to sincerely thank you for all your prayers and valued support of the ministry and missions this year! God has done some incredible things as you know, and you also share in the reward. The 13-week Glory Revival in Texas this spring prepared us for a mighty harvest of souls and real heavenly impact. 

This last 13 months we have seen over 465,000 salvations respectively. The goodness of God is overwhelming! Many of you know we have now done two very successful missions to Karachi, Pakistan and have seen over 590,054 salvations collectively between those two great prayer and miracle festivals! 

2018 and Beyond

2018 will be no different, as we have already planned soul winning and evangelistic crusades in both Mexico and Madagascar—a near unreached island off the coast of South Africa. I am most excited that we are also in the early planning stages for several revival Harvest America crusades in both upstate New York and the Houston, TX area. We are searching out stadiums and civic arenas for these Harvest Awakening events in America. It is harvest time! Your partnership is a vital part of our mandate. 

Personal Mandate!

I have taken a true prophetic word to heart in a practical way by Bob Jones to harvest and train harvesters! This will happen in our first Harvest Power School of Evangelism in Fort Mill, SC and expand to other key areas of the country in 2018. We are moving forward with our full-time School of Supernatural Ministry in February 2018 and our 30-day summer internship to really train up a generation of revivalists and harvesters. 

“The amount of the harvest will be according to how many harvesters are out in the field”—Bob Jones

Growth and Expansion!

I love this promise that the Lord gives us about increase, expansion, and multiplication. "May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, make you increase a thousand times more and make you prosperous, as he promised" (Deuteronomy ‪1:11). The Lord is truly honoring of His word, and I believe that we are moving into a time of double, double fruitfulness like Ephraim! 

We are dreaming bigger with God (see Ephesians ‪3:20) and have many opportunities to continue to reach people with the Gospel in many places. We want to expand our Pakistan outreach with television, resources for leaders, future miracle festival outreaches, and continue to add soul-winning crusades as the Lord enables us. We need all of our friends and partners to pray and sow generously in this season as we near the last part of 2017 and plan for an abundant 2018. It is time to rebuild. 


My prayer for you in this next season is that you would see increase and be a 1000 times more prosperous and fruitful in every area of life, ministry, and business according to His 1000-fold promise in Deuteronomy 1:11. This year will be crowned with fatness, goodness, and favor! 


My final prayer is that as we look to finish the year strong above and beyond, you would consider Fresh Fire USA as a place for year-end giving or to invest and sow into fruitful ground and expanding vision. 

My prayer is that over the next year, God would add to us a community of believers worldwide that know the call and ministry is good ground to plant seeds. Many of you love and are praying for the harvest everywhere and may it be released in your families this year. "This is the Year of the Lords Favor" (see Isaiah 61:2). 

Will you sow a harvest seed today? Thank you for every generous gift!

Tax deductible and end of the year giving is a great opportunity for individuals and businesses. The greatest reward is what we are building into our heavenly accounts! 

God Bless on behalf of
Todd and Jessa Bentley

Fresh Fire Ministries USA
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