Ministry of Healing Course Jul 17 - Jul 18, 2019
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Healing & Miracles

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The Ministry of HealingOnline Course

If you are a serious believer who desires to learn more about healing and miracles, this certificate course is for you! In this special ministry training course, you will gain more knowledge about the healing ministry of Jesus Christ for growth in your personal life and effective evangelism.

The Ministry of Healing course is a fresh take on what Todd Bentley has taught on miracles and healing over the last 20 years. Each night of instruction includes a powerful lesson by Todd plus personal ministry time in the areas of healing and words of knowledge.
In this course, Todd takes you down the road to Calvary with a deep revelation of “Why” you must be healed and help reveal what could be hindering you from coming into your healing! Everyone registered will receive a digital (pdf) copy of Christ's Healing Touch Vol 2. 
Todd will be instructing this course in a closed Facebook group from 7:30pm to 10:00pm EST on Wednesday, July 17, and Thursday, July 18. For your convenience, you will also have continued access of the course to replay as often as you like or if you are unable to attend the original broadcasts. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a signed Certificate of Completion.

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Ministry of Healing course topics:
30 Reasons Why Miracles Happen
30 Reasons Why Miracles Don't Happen
The Seven Redemptive Names of God
Truth About Divine Healing
How to Maintain Your Healing
The Healing Anointing and Impartation
Upon registration you will receive links to your additional resource(s) and the link to the private Facebook group where the class will be aired. Everyone registered will receive a digital (pdf) copy of Christ's Healing Touch Vol 2. 
The first 50 to register will receive the original Healing School Teacher’s Edition AND manual, along with the digital (pdf) copy of Christ's Healing Touch Vol 2. 
The Ministry of Healing
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