Healing Outpouring ~ NY Aug 29 - Sep 01, 2019
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The Salvation Of God Church

349 West Commercial Street Suite 1900
East Rochester, New York 14445

"The Lord spoke these words to my heart - IHC - and I've carried them for over two years, praying, 'What does that mean? What does that look like Lord?'.. The Lord started speaking to me about these centers that would have the mantle for the ministry of not just healing, but deliverance; people could come from all over.. and experience and encounter the manifest healing ministry of Jesus" - Todd Bentley

The Lord is going to raise up these hotspots of revival and the power of God, these healing centers, much like the ministries of A.A Allen in Miracle Valley; and Kathryn Kuhlman in Pittsburg; and Aimee Semple McPherson in Los Angeles. These centers will have the mantle of healing and deliverance and will allow people to gather under the anointing, sitting under the healing power of Jesus for days at a time! This will be an opportunity to reignite these healing fires and rekindle anointings!

Special Sunday evening service "Taking Your City for God"!


Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley - Healing evangelist, revivalist, and author Todd Bentley is the founder of Fresh Fire USA. Todd and his Fresh Fire team travel the world to lead the lost into the miraculous, delivered and set free life- launched into the reality of intimate relationship with Jesus. The passion of Todd's life and ministry to the nations is souls and to see others experience the transferable, tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit. Todd believes the Body of Christ needs to be strengthened and encouraged. He ministers prophetically, corporately and personally as well as brings forth the word of God with the power and demonstration of the Spirit-God confirming His word with signs and wonders following.