Releasing the Seers Mar 22 - Mar 24, 2018
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Fresh Fire Healing Center

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The gift of prophecy, a prophetic mantle, and the office of the prophet are all very different. Many people assume that a continual flow of corporate prophetic words makes you a prophet, when in reality they are functioning under a prophetic mantle that touches corporate revelation. But the office of a prophet carries a different weight and backing from heaven, and its more rare than we think. #BeTheSound

So often we the body misinterpret gift for identity. Where the bible encourages spiritual gifts and especially the gift of prophecy to be defined by encouraging, edifying, and exhorting. Even Joel speaks of a day of great prophetic revelation but nothing compares to what God had with Moses. 

God spoke to Moses as a friend speaks to a friend, face to face. In my humble opinion I have seen that be a demarkation between prophetic people versus office of a Prophet, friendship with God over gifting. Even when Moses cried out to see God’s glory it wasn’t as we suppose or would in most cases today but Moses wanted to understand the intellect and emotion of God as a friend. To me that is the prophet’s cry, friendship.