International Healing Convention Jul 17 - Jul 22, 2018
Location Venue

Fresh Fire Healing Center

8180 Regent Pkwy
Fort Mill, SC 29715

"The Lord spoke these words to my heart - IHC - and I've carried them for over two years, praying, 'What does that mean? What does that look like Lord?'.. The Lord started speaking to me about these centers that would have the mantle for the ministry of not just healing, but deliverance; people could come from all over.. and experience and encounter the manifest healing ministry of Jesus" - Todd Bentley

The Lord is going to raise up these hotspots of revival and the power of God, these healing centers, much like the ministries of AA Alan in Miracle Valley, and Kathryn Kuhlman in Pittsburg, and Amy Semple McPherson in Los Angeles. These centers will have the mantle of healing and deliverance and will allow people to gather under the anointing, sitting under the healing power of Jesus for days at a time! IHC2018 will be an opportunity to re-ignite these healing fires and re-kindle anointings!

Nightly meetings will be free and open to the Public, but to attend the Miracle Healing School go to the registration link below.


Heritage Conference Center
(877) 446-3836
Aprox. $79 / night plus a 20% discount!
(704) 540-8500
Aprox. $145 / night
(704) 889-2700
Aprox. $164 / night during the week and $119 / night weekends
Aprox. $249 / night during the week and $169 / night weekends