School of the Supernatural - January 2017 Jan 17 - Apr 12, 2017
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Location Venue

Fresh Fire Healing Center

8180 Regent Pkwy
Fort Mill, SC 29715


Notable Endorsements for the School of the Supernatural:


"This is a school where the Holy Spirit is celebrated. It is where many who are committed to walking in radical faith, and seeing extraordinary miracles come. It is preparing laborers for the greatest move of God since Jesus walked the earth - the harvest that is the end of the age."                         - Rick Joyner, MorningStar Ministries


"I'm not sure if you've heard about Todd Bentley's School of the Supernatural, but I want to encourage you, that if you can be a part of this, it's going to be really wild! I'm a personal friend of Todd and the Lord told me that there is a special anointing coming upon his ministry that's been in the making for years. Todd's moving into a new level and I think if you're a part of his school, you'd be a part of that too. I want to encourage you to check it out, because this is a year of breakthrough and it's a year of stepping into what it is that you've been called to do."                                         - Doug Addison


"I'm so excited to encourage you to consider coming to Todd Bentley's School of the Supernatural. Some schools just teach you head, but never teach you the Spirit or the flow of God. In this school you'll learn the word and the Spirit combined together. That'll make you grow up and do great things. When you invest your time in school, preparation time in other words, it guarantees a successful life and faster success. It's not wasted time, it's an investment in your life. So decide today to come to this school."                                                                                                                              - Roberts Liardon, Author of God's Generals


"If you're looking for a bold journey into the realm of the supernatural then you'll want to be a part of 'Todd Bentley's School of the Supernatural.' Not only will you receive teaching by those who live a supernatural lifestyle, you'll experience it first hand. Come join Todd Bentley's school and receive an impartation of supernatural power and be prepared for the greatest harvest of all time."                                                             - Bonnie Jones, Bob & Bonnie Jones Ministries


The School of the Supernatural - January 17th - April 12th 2017

God is wanting to blow the lid off of what you thought was possible!!
What if God wasn't as boring as you thought he was? Could revival truly come to your city? Could God really do miracles though you? God is inviting you on the adventure of a life time... Join us this fall as people from all over the world come to Charlotte, NC to grow in the supernatural. This isn't going to be bible class as usual...

What will classes look like?
Todd Bentley and hand picked special guest speakers will lead intimate & interactive training sessions each morning. Topics will include:

  • Miracles 101
  • Prophecy 101
  • Healing 101
  • How to start revival
  • Evangelism training
  • Training on Raising the Dead
  • Class trips up to heaven
  • And much much more...

What else will I do?

- You'll be invited to go on ministry trips with Todd Bentley

- Miracle outreaches in the local community

- Fellowship, Community, & Worship nights at Todd Bentley's healing center.

- You'll attend MorningStar's Conferences.

- Serve on Healing & Prophetic teams alongside Todd Bentley

And to top it all off, you'll be invited to go on mission trips with Todd where you'll be able to put to use all your training and practice by serving as Todd's Healing Ministry Team & Evangelism Team. 


This will be a hands on school as you're coached in the prophetic and how to get words of knowledge for people. There will be opportunities to preach and minister as part of Todd Bentley's healing team.

***$250 OFF SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT*** If a deposit of $100 or more is paid before December 31st, the applicant will receive $250 off tuition. The full cost of tuition without discount for the school is $1,500.

If a person would like a refund on an amount paid toward the school they will be refunded 80% back.

*No refunds once School has started.

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