Biblical Reciprocity w/ Erin Beauvais Dec 08, 2019
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Secret Place Church

8180 Regent Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Join us on Sunday as we walk through times of reciprocity in the Bible.
  • Is reciprocity Biblical? 
  • Is reciprocity a key to our covenant with God?
  • Does it really still apply today?
  • How does covenant reciprocity cause a healthy culture within a church that can overflow into the community?
True and covenant reciprocity will change the way you do life in each moment. There is a weight and a fragrance that comes with obedience and sacrifice of doing and giving in the name of God. It builds a heaven on earth culture within you that can only house the presence of God. A place where favor flows in abundance and living waters swirl around and overflow. A life of miracles, signs, wonders, obedience and blessings. Reciprocity builds a legacy that carries the will of God gained in obedience, no matter the sacrifice.
This Sunday Morning at 11:00
Secret Place Church
8180 Regent Pkwy
Fort Mill, SC 29715
(located in the Fresh Fire Training Center)
For more information, call (803) 802-0932.