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Todd Bentley and FFM are on a mission to Feed Malawi ~ Join us in this cause.

"I declare Malawi in a state of national disaster following prolonged dry spells during the 2015/2016 agriculture season." - President Mutharika, Malawi President

Imagine waking up and asking yourself: "Will this be the day, will this be the day I eat?" Hard to imagine, right?

Try to imagine this then: How do you explain to your son or daughter that today isn't the day they get to eat? It is a Tuesday and their last meal was on a Thursday.

This is what millions of families are facing right now in Malawi because of drought two years ago that is still affecting their agriculture and ability to produce food.

"I am worried the children will starve to death. I don't know what to do," said Matafle, Malawi resident. "We need food. We are in a desperate situation." her husband added. -The Guardian (Website)

Partnering with teams on the ground

This is why Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire USA staff have partnered with Blazing Faith Ministries, an on the ground relief ministry in Malawi, to aid those most affected by this famine. In the short time FFM has been involved, we have been able to help take weekly feedings of beans and corn to chicken and rice three times per week, all by the support of you, our friends and partners.

Darcy Cummer is working with locals for best deals and also hired a full time staff on the right

When Darcy Cummer, founder of Blazing Faith Ministries, first landed in Malawi he was able to provide feedings for approximately two hundred children per week, but now with joint efforts of Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries, feedings are taking place three times per week with nearly a one thousand kids. Cummer is overwhelmed by the support received from his fellow Canadian Todd Bentley's efforts to bring awareness and aid to what several news sites are calling Malawi Food Crisis.

Just the beginning: 10 bags of beans and twenty chickens with cooking essentials (more coming)

From the financial contributions coming from Todd's social media platforms, product sales, and nightly revival meetings, the children in Malawi are receiving more feedings, vitamin supplement packs, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

"This is why we are helping with feeding children in Malawi Africa! I ask you to read the news story and consider helping us on our secure website for the food crisis! Let's respond!" - Todd Bentley

Last weeks feeding of 180. Next feeding will be 1000 and with your help will be 4-5 per week

We must do more! Take action now and help us Feed Children in Malawi

Would you consider being a part of the solution-being a part of Feed Malawi?

Every donation helps!

For $2.65 a child is fed well, given nutrition supplements, and the Gospel of Eternal life through Jesus. This is on-going effort where we need our friends to join hands with us to take a stand!

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