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The Healing Angel

I saw tonight, the healing angel in this place. Then I saw Genesis 28, and that this was the house of God, the gate that gives access to heaven. The angels of God were ascending and descending. There's going to come a fresh anointing; many of you are going to begin to see in the spirit. Something is going to be popped open tonight. I believe there's a mantle over South Africa. Ever since we've been in South Africa, the Lord's been speaking to us about the angels. It's like there's an anointing, a redemptive mantle over the nation of angels-like it's part of the calling. Tonight, I'm going to tell you something that I saw two days ago.

I was on my phone in my hotel room, and all of the sudden, I became aware of the presence of God. Before I could say anything, I saw the angel of the Lord. Immediately, I was no longer in my hotel room and was in the storehouse, the treasure room of heaven. I said, "God, what is this place?" All the treasures of the world were in this place. All the economies of the world, the earth and the fullness thereof, all of it was in this room, in heaven. The Lord began to speak to me about Solomon, that when he built the temple, he had a great storehouse. All the treasures of the world were in that storehouse. That's what I saw in the heavens. The Lord said, "My God shall supply all my need. According to His riches in glory. The room that you're in, in heaven right now, is the room where moths and rust cannot destroy. The room that you're in heaven right now is called God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches in glory." Where are the riches in glory? God shall supply all of my needs according to the treasure room in heaven.

That's why God can open up the windows of heaven and pour out such blessing; there was not enough room to contain it, because heaven has windows and doors. In Deuteronomy 28:12, it says: "God will open the storehouses of heaven and rain down His good treasure." I went to that place in the spirit, where the Lord opened the good treasures of heaven. He poured down such blessing, and there's angels moving in and out of that storehouse. You know what the angels were? They were financial angels. Then the Lord spoke to me out of Isaiah 45, something we're going to release in this meeting tonight.

Financial Breakthrough

I just need to be obedient to what I saw. How many of you need a financial miracle, financial provision, financial breakthrough, or financial healing? For many watching tonight in their living rooms, the word of the Lord for you. In Isaiah 45:1-3, "Thus says the LORD to His anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held-To subdue nations before him and loose the armor of kings, to open before him the double doors, so that the gates will not be shut: 'I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places."

The Lord said, "I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places." When I went into that storehouse in heaven, and I said "Lord, I'm in the treasure room that's in heaven, the room called God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory." I saw the Lord open the storehouses of heaven and rain down His good treasure, and pour out such blessing there was no room to receive it. I saw the financial angels, moving in and out of this room, and in this storehouse in heaven were all the economies of the world. The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof, and all who dwell in it. I saw the cattle on a thousand hills; I saw the silver and gold. It's mine says the Lord, just like in the natural, where Solomon had a storehouse, in the temple, it was only a shadow of the true heavenly copy. There's a storehouse in heaven tonight and the Lord wants to give us access. He wants to give us access tonight, and He wants to release Isaiah 45. He wants to give us the treasure of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places. We're going to release this anointing tonight because we are prophesying the release of financial breakthrough, of financial healing, a release of investments, lands, and properties. It's like an anointing right now, it's an open heaven, the good treasures of heaven are opening over us tonight and God is raining down the good treasure of heaven and His goodness.

Calling to South Africa

We lift up our hands to receive it right now. "Father, in the name of Jesus, let there be a release of the glory, the greater glory that brings provision, the greater glory that brings breakthrough." I'm going to prophesy. I'm going to share my testimony tonight of how God called me to South Africa and why. Why I believe there's an awakening in this nation that's just begun. Many people have asked me, "Why do you believe South Africa?" This has been a 13-year journey for me. The destiny we have in this nation is for the world.

You know this revival started on a Sunday in April. I had a message the Lord gave me on re-digging the ancient wells out of Genesis 26. I don't have time to share it all tonight, but in Genesis 26 there is a famine in the land, like in the days of Abraham. This time Isaac was in the famine, and the Scripture says that Isaac re-dug the wells of his father Abraham that were stopped up by the Philistines. Isaac re-dug the wells of his father of anointing and revival that were stopped up by the enemy. It's a spiritual principle. There are times where our fathers, even in this nation of South Africa, have dug up some mighty wells, even in the last hundred years. Men like John G. Lake, Andrew Murray, and many others that have had a real key part to revival in this nation. Some you might know by name, others you don't, but there has been major generals raised up in this nation, and there's been some awesome wells opened in South Africa over the years.

Whether they've been movements, revivals, or reformations, but after time, those wells can get shut down, and the water in the anointing and blessing isn't flowing the way that is used to. We remember the way that it used to be, and we say, "God, we want it again." So the Lord had Isaac re-dig the wells of his father. We're re-digging some wells in this nation and one well that God is re-digging, which was a grace and an anointing in this nation, is what the apostle of faith and healing, John G. Lake, brought to South Africa many years ago. In 1908, a fire of healing revival came to this nation that resulted in thousands of churches being planted in South Africa, and a great anointing for miracles and healing. Now, I don't know about you, but I know many of our friends watching tonight know the ministry of John G. Lake, the legacy and history that he had. Just his testimony would make you hungry.

When the Lord started to call me to the ministry of healing, there were a handful of men that became mentors through their teachings and prophecies. I started reading everything I could get my hands on by men like F.F. Bosworth, T. L. Osborn, and John G. Lake. I wanted to see the power of God's miracles, signs, and wonders. I was fascinated by the testimony of John G. Lake more than anybody's, other than William Branham. He even talked about the angel many times. He talked about the angel in South Africa. He talked about the angel of healing.

The Pool of Bethesda

In John 5:1, after this there was a feast of Jews, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. There is in Jerusalem by the sheep gate a pool, which is called in the Hebrew, Bethesda. Bethesda means outpouring of mercy and grace.

There is no healing without mercy and grace. Having five porches, in these lay a great multitude of waiting sick people-blind, lame, and paralyzed. Have you ever felt like you were waiting? Waiting for the move of God, waiting for revival, waiting for the moving of the Spirit, waiting for the stirring of the water? The Scripture says in verse 4, "An angel came down, at a certain time, into the pool and stirred up the water." It wasn't every time, but it was a certain time. I don't even believe it was a time you could predict-heaven's time. At a certain time, something supernatural happened. An angel came down from heaven, and the angel supernaturally stirred and charged the pool, the waters. Whoever stepped in first was healed of whatever disease they had. There was a healing anointing in that place. Whoever stepped into the water first, because of the anointing in the atmosphere, the power of the Lord was present to heal in the water. The angel came down at a certain time and supernaturally charged and stirred up the waters of the pool of Bethesda. Great multitudes came from all over the nation of Israel, Syria, and beyond because they said there's a place.

If we can get to that place called Bethesda, outside of Solomon's porch, there's a pool outside of the sheep gate. What a place to have a revival! Where the stinky, white, poopy sheep come in and out of the sheep gate. It was the place where the animal sacrifices were prepared for the temple. This is where God decides to show up with a healing revival, and the healing angel comes down to the pool outside of the temple, where the animal sacrifices were being prepared. This is where a mighty healing revival happens. It was such a great anointing that multitudes came to a geographical location, to a physical place, called Jerusalem in a nation.

How many of you believe we can have modern-day places, cities and pools of Bethesda, in nations today? Healing centers? Why not Pretoria? Why can't Pretoria be a place in which great multitudes come from all over the nation, because of the healing anointing being released? Great multitudes of blind, lame, sick, and paralyzed.

Todd's Mantle

I remember years ago when my journey began into the miraculous, my testimony, and how God called me into the ministry of healing and revival when I was just 22 years old. After having a visitation from heaven that lasted for ninety days when I was 22 years old. It was a glory liquid honey cloud that came into my apartment. Four to twelve hours a day every day for three months, the presence of the Lord visited and touched me. It was out of that season of visitation the Lord called me into the ministry, and it happened on Mother's Day 1998. I had a visitation of Jesus Christ on Mother's Day 1998. After soaking under this glory liquid honey cloud that came into my apartment, the presence of God stayed with me for three months, four to twelve hours a day, and out of that the Lord called me into the ministry.

It was about seven months later that I would have my first real heavenly encounter. You could call it a third heaven experience. Whether I was in my body or not, I do not know. It's the fruit of the encounter that matters. It's not about what the encounter was, but it's about the revelation. Nothing like that had ever happened to me on this magnitude. I remember the day it happened. I was in a church with about thirty people. I wasn't preaching, I was just in worship. I started to hear people praying in the spirit, praying in tongues, but it sounded like the tongue of angels, like ten thousand angels. I looked around the room and I thought, how can thirty people make that much noise? My eyes were open, and I looked around the church sanctuary, and I said, "Nobody is praying in tongues, and this sounds like ten thousand angels singing in tongues." I walked up to the pastor's daughter, and I said, "Can you hear that?" She looked at me and said, "What?" And I said, "You can't hear that?" She again said, "What?" I said, "You can't hear the angels? They're singing in the spirit." And she said, "No, I can't hear anything." And right then, the power of God came on me and I was slain in the spirit. I fell out on the floor, and I went into a trance, or a vision, and I was no longer in that church, but I was in a stadium, in heaven.

It was one of the biggest stadiums you can imagine. It was like the Super Bowl for us in America. You could fit one hundred thousand people, maybe more, in this stadium. I realized that I was in the game. I was on the field, and it was the last game. It was the last days and I looked up, and there was just seconds left on the clock. Isn't it always like that? The church had the ball, and the resistance was the hordes of hell. I said, "What is this Lord?" He begun to speak to me about the last days, the last of the last, and the greatest revival of healing and harvest that was coming to the earth. It would be called the harvest at the end of the age, and we would see the unprecedented power of God that would come. The church would go out with a greater bang than it came in with. The glory of the latter house was greater than the former house.

I started to think about what it was going to be like, even greater, the greater works, even greater than the book of Acts. Before Jesus comes again, there's going to be a harvest season, called the harvest at the end of the age. It will be a season where there will be more people saved in that one season than any other time in church history. It could be over one billion souls, in one harvest. So here I am in this game, and we have the ball, and we had one play to make, and it was like being in the movies. It was like a sports movie where you're the underdog, and you're about to lose the game, and you have one last chance to make the end zone to make the touchdown, or going to make the goal. It's going to run out on the clock and every time in the movies, hallelujah, there's always the victory, there's always the triumph. It was like that.

When I looked up into the stands, I realized it wasn't people in the stands, but coming from the stands was our encouragement. Our strength and encouragement came from the people that were in the stands, more than one hundred thousand. As I looked up, I could hear a chant in the spirit. This was the chant, "Go church go! Go church go! Go church go!" They weren't men; they were angels. I realized that every angel I saw was the same angel, the same ministry. They were all healing angels, like the angels that came down and stirred up the healing waters of the pool of Bethesda. I said, "Lord, these are angels, healing angels." Immediately I thought of men that God used in history like Oral Roberts, John G. Lake, and William Branham, and how they all talked about when the angel came. Immediately I thought, "God, You're speaking about modern-day pools of Bethesda, cities and regions, in nations around the world, where You're going to release angels to come and stir up a great anointing for miracles and healings even in the atmosphere, geographical places, and geographical locations of healing. That's when the Lord spoke to me about the seven churches of the book of Revelation.

Todd's Journey to South Africa

Remember the seven churches? Every church had one angel assigned to it. Every lampstand had one angel assigned to it. Ephesus, Philadelphia, all seven churches, seven messengers, seven angels-there was a different angel depending on the call. It's biblical. The Lord can assign angels to churches, ministries, individuals, cities, and even nations. What I saw in this vision was healing angels, and they were part of a coming healing revival. Immediately the vision changed and I was no longer in that stadium, and I saw a hundred pools of water. The Lord spoke to me about the pool of Bethesda, how there would be on the earth one hundred simultaneous healing revivals at the same time. That's why we're prophesying healing, an awaking movement live to the nations, and this fire has begun in South Africa. We haven't even got to the fullness and the tsunami hasn't come, but I am telling you right now there's going to be a second wave of the voice of healing. There's going to be another release of the power of God like we saw in America. They called it the latter rain; they called it the voice of healing. There's going to be another movement, and it's going to be a healing, awaking movement.

So here I am now, and I've come out of the vision, and there was one last thing the Lord told me when I had the vision. He said, "It's all going to start when you go to South Africa." I said, "God, I don't have five hundred dollars to my name. I don't have a passport. I'm a young man living in Canada; I've never been invited to any nation to preach the gospel." Then the angel told me that if I would go in faith and obedience to Durban, South Africa, he would release in my life in ministry a measure of healing that I would take back from South Africa to Canada and America. Many people watching tonight that know our ministry don't know that it all started when I was 23 years old, when I came for 14 days to Durban, South Africa. When I had the vision of the coming healing revival, and I saw the original pool of Bethesda, the Lord spoke to me about re-digging the wells of John G. Lake. He said, "Go to the same places John G. Lake preached and had revival and believe and pray in faith that we can re-dig and see that anointing in the church again." Supernaturally, within two days, I get a telephone call, and that telephone call was this: "Todd Bentley? We have some churches that would like to host you in Durban, South Africa. Would you like to go?" And I said, "Absolutely." I was on an airplane in January 1999 coming to Durban, South Africa.

I spent fourteen days on the streets, and they took me to the blacks. That's where I wanted to go to the poorest of the poor. They took me to the townships. Every day at 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning, I would have open-air meetings in the shanties. I would go to the ghettos and the apartment buildings, the drug addicts and prostitutes, and I would pray for the sick on the streets, and I would have healing lines on the streets. I prayed for over 865 decisions for Jesus Christ on the streets, the first-fruits harvest in Durban, South Africa. Eight hundred and sixty-five souls in one-on-one evangelism in those healing lines on the streets. At night they would take me to the white churches. Every time they would take me to the white churches, I would feel that religious spirit that I didn't like in America, and a political spirit. As much as I love the whites, listen, I'm not prejudice, I'm white. In fact, I even have a little color. Every time I would go into the churches, the power of God was never the same. When I went back out on the streets and got amongst the blacks, the power of God would break out. The deaf would hear, the blind would see, and the cripples would walk.

The power of God was happening. It got to the place where I said, "Why do I even want to go back to the church at night? They need it too, but there was more stuff happening in the streets." I spent fourteen days in Durban, South Africa. When I returned from South Africa, the Lord released a ministry and mantle of signs and wonders and miracles. I've only shared this a handful of times on television. In 1998, I had one angelic visitation during that three-month season where the glory liquid honey cloud came-one angel came. I remember seeing this 15 to 20 foot angel. Let me make it clear, I have no female healing angels that give me healing power named Emma or Samantha.

The Healing Angel

This angel stood in my apartment, and I had never seen an angel before. I didn't even know why the angel was there, and I was afraid. Years later on December 5, 2000, I would be asked to attend a healing conference. They were re-digging a well. There was a healing revival in 1950 that came to a place in America called Grant's Pass, Oregon. There was a man by the name of William Branham, and a prophet by the name of Paul Cain, that brought a healing revival in 1950 during the latter rain revival, voice of healing revival, with Gordon Lindsey, F.F. Bosworth, and all these great healing ministries.

They came to Grant's Pass, Oregon in America, and they had a tabernacle for healing, miracles, signs, and wonders. It was 50 years later, to the day, 50 years jubilee to the day on December the 5, 2000, that they put up a big tent that could hold about a thousand people. They said, "We've got all the prophets coming. We've got John Paul Jackson coming. We've got Bob Jones coming. We've got Bobby Connor coming. We've got all the prophets coming. Paul Keith Davis is coming, but we don't have any healing guys." And somebody said, "Well we know this young guy, his name is Todd Bentley, he's only 23 years old, but he's got a fire that's on him, and a lot of miracles happening, you know? Something happened in South Africa, why don't we have him come?"

I didn't even know who any of these men of God were, and they asked me to come to this tent meeting. I'm going to make a long story short, but when I got to the tent meeting, I met a man. This man was an old man; I don't know if he was 80 or 90 years old, or how old he was. He came to the tent meeting, and he tapped me on the shoulder. He said, "The Lord told me to bring you something tonight." I said, "Really? What did He tell you to bring me?" He said, "He told me to bring you the angel that was with John G. Lake in Portland, Oregon. I'm one of the last original ordained ministers that served under John Lake's ministry in Portland, Oregon. And the Lord told me to deliver a message. The healing angel is here." I said, "How nice of you, God bless you. Thank you for the healing angel." He said, "You don't understand. He's standing right back there." And he pointed. What do you do when somebody says there's an angel? You look. I looked and I tell you the honest truth, God is my witness, I saw with my open eyes that same 15 to 20 foot angel standing at the back of the tent. I said, "God! What did I do? What did I do?"

I start running down the isle, charging the angel. I didn't know what I was going to do when I got to the angel, but I ran down the isle of this church. When I got to where the angel was, it was like somebody hit me across the head with a 2 by 4. The power of God hit me so hard that when my body landed on the ground, my spirit man came out of my body. My first thought was, "Lord, how do I get back into my body?" At that time, John Paul Jackson came and he laid hands on me and was praying for me. I was standing in the tent meeting, and the Lord said this to me, "Start listening to people's conversations, because I'm going to heal people tonight." I started walking around the tent in my spirit man, listening to the conversations people were having about why they were in the meeting. Talking about their infirmities, talking about their sickness, and talking about their diseases.

It was during a trance in that very conference where a woman came to me with a message and said this to me, "Headlines read boy comes out of a coma! Headlines read boy comes out of a coma! Headlines read boy comes out of a coma!" I came out of my spiritual experience, I get back into my body, I'm awake, and it's my turn to preach. I get up in the meeting and I said, "This is unusual, but I have some words of knowledge for healing. I've seen some things. I heard some conversations. Is there a man in this room right now that's come from another city, because there's a woman that has a nine-year old boy that was in a car accident and he went into a coma, and you were in the hospital with the woman and she sent you over to the revival so I could pray for her?" This man stands up, and he says, "How did you know that was me?" Out of a thousand people, and this man comes to the front and he said, "There's a woman in the hospital with her boy who's in a coma right now." And I prophesied, "Headlines read boy comes out of a coma! Headlines read boy comes out of a coma!" Guess what happened? The headlines of the newspaper read "Boy Comes Out of Coma!"

It was after that healing angel came that I started to notice I had more revelation. I could touch people, and I would know the infirmity in their body by touch. I could touch people that had cancer and a vibration would go through my arm. I would touch someone that was in witchcraft, and certain sensations would come over my arm. I could touch someone that had a blood disorder and another sensation would come over my arm. I could go down healing lines and by touch, discern demons and sickness. I would be able to diagnose and call out every infirmity in your body just by touching you. This happened after the angel came. Then I started to notice that every day, I would have open visions, almost like watching a movie where I would see the faces of the people that were going to get healed. I started operating in very accurate, detailed words of knowledge after the angel came. Not just the gift of healing, but also the gift of revelation. I would be in meetings and I would say, "There's somebody in the meeting, you're 42 years old, you've got cancer on your right kidney, your brother's name is Travis, and you're driving a red pick-up truck." Someone would stand up, and they would get healed, we wouldn't even have to pray for them. They would just get healed and we would say the vision is true. The vision is true, and they would get healed by visions.

I had never seen it before. I had only heard about it, and I have read the testimony of William Branham, and how they talked about the gift of healing and revelation, how they talked about when the angel came on December 5, 2000. The second time I saw the angel, three weeks after the angel came, I was in a five-month healing revival at a church in a place called Albany, Oregon. I remember the day it happened, in February 2001, we were in a meeting with about five hundred people. Open-eyed, the 15 to 20 foot angel appeared in the pulpit in front of everybody that was in the service. People that couldn't see him could feel him. A pastor's daughter that was crippled from birth was instantly healed when the angel came. When the angel came, I saw him open a healing pool.

I could barely get the microphone and I got up to the altar of the church, and I said, "There is an angel here right now. There's a healing angel here, and he's opening a healing pool." People started to stand up and come to the altar, and they would get within 10 or 15 feet of where I was standing and they would just fall on the ground, and get up healed. A woman with a broken, fractured neck got up healed. Someone that was deaf got healed. The pastor's daughter that was crippled from birth got healed. People would start falling over like dominoes with nobody touching them by the hundreds just by coming to the area where the angel opened the pool. Now do you know that in 1908, John G. Lake had gone to Azusa Street to the revival, and he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and power after praying for nine months?

Re-digging the Wells

The very fire that was falling on Azusa Street was carried back by John G. Lake to South Africa in 1908. One of the first places outside of Cape Town where the boat landed that John G. Lake came with the healing ministry and revival was Pretoria. It was hard ground for him in Pretoria. So he left Pretoria because they rejected his ministry. He went to the blacks in Johannesburg. When I saw the angel tonight. I came into the room and I saw the healing angel. The Lord began to speak to me about re-digging the wells. Why all these years later, something is beginning to happen in this nation. Pretoria needs to repent tonight for never accepting the healing, anointing, fire, and revival that came through the ministry of John G. Lake originally, because God is offering something to this city again tonight. God is offering something to this nation again tonight.

He is re-digging the wells in South Africa tonight. There's a healing awakening in this nation, and it's spreading all over the world. There's a coming healing revival and there's going to be over a hundred pools of Bethesda, and the Lord is going to release ministering spirits and healing angels. He's going to assign them to churches and cities and nations and ministries. He's just looking for someone that says, "God, I'm hungry and I want you to release it in my life. I want You to release it in my church. I want You to release it my city. I want You to release it in my ministry." One time, because the ground was so hard, John G. Lake said, "I was never received in Pretoria." So he went to Johannesburg, but it's time again, for the mantle of healing and power and signs and wonders to come back to Pretoria. This time Pretoria needs to be hungry, and this time Pretoria needs to say yes! South Africa needs to say yes! There's an inheritance, and there are wells being re-dug in this nation and we need to recapture it again.

How many of you tonight are willing to say, "Lord forgive me. Forgive me for what we rejected all those years ago." It wasn't your generation, it wasn't your time, and it wasn't your decade, but there are people in this room today that can stand on behalf of the city. Would you do that? Pastors, leaders, just stand on behalf of the city, and let's take one moment right now, and let's just say, "Lord forgive us." We want the mantle to come back. We want to receive it this time. We didn't just come to have a few good meetings; we came to prophesy. There's a coming healing revival, there's a fire that can happen at the altars of your church in your ministry. There are angels that are going to be released in the heavens tonight that are coming down to stir the waters of the pool of Bethesda, and all over the world. I want people in South Africa to say, "Lord, forgive me. Lord, forgive us for the anointing, the generals, and the revivals that we've rejected in times past. We want You to re-open the wells. We want You to re-dig the wells tonight." Just begin to lift up your voice tonight Pretoria, and say, "Lord, forgive us that we never received all those years ago the ministry of healing and power-the apostolic ministry of faith, healing, and power that came in the vessel of John G. Lake. It's the mantle of South Africa." The Lord said at the beginning of this year, "Todd Bentley, go back to South Africa, and this time, it's for South Africa. I will release a double portion of what I released thirteen years ago."

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