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Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue

One time in my life, a curse was broken that I didn't even know was on me. It doesn't mean that there was a witch doctor or a warlock practicing magic or sorcery like we see in the movies that was specifically cursing me. That's happened, too. I'm not just talking about someone out there with a voodoo doll and putting pins in it. These things happen. I believe in that. I didn't realize that life and death are in the power of the tongue. We can speak and choose life by the words we speak. We can choose death by the words that we speak.

The Scripture says that a man is satisfied by good, by the fruit of his lips. That means we can also be satisfied by evil or bad by the fruit of our lips. I really believe that when we speak life, blessing, and healing, things are set in motion, even in the spirit realm. However, when we speak death, judgment, criticism, gossip, or slander, there's also things like arrows that fly by day that are put into the hand of the enemy.

Sometimes there's a spiritual warfare aspect to the ministry of deliverance and healing that we don't always understand. Sometimes we get under things. The Scripture says we will condemn every tongue that rises up against us in judgment. Why did God give that to us? It says that is the heritage that belongs to the servants of the Lord, that you will rise up and you will condemn every tongue that rises up against you. Why is there a need for that if there's no power in words? Why do we condemn tongues, the judgment that others are speaking against us, the criticism, the gossip, the slander, and the evil speaking? Why do we condemn the tongues rising up? Because there's power.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Words empower the spirit realm, just like thoughts empower the spirit realm. When the Scripture talks about sin and being a master over sin, taking authority over sin, it says we take every thought captive, because really sin begins in our thought life. It's the battlefield, the battleground of our mind. It's really powerful-words and thoughts.

The Curse on Todd's Life get's Broken

I didn't quite understand it until one day there was a prophetic gentleman. He's a prophet in America, a senior prophet in his 80s. He's been seeing the Spirit for more than 50 years, has a lot of dreams, visions, and spiritual encounters, and he received a visitation from the Lord. In this visitation, he saw Jesus. Jesus said to him, "I want you to go to Todd Bentley and break the curse that's on him right now because it's shut down the power and gift flowing and operating in his life. It's time for the gift to come back. I want you to go and break the curse that he's under because of the judgment and the criticism and everything that's been spoken in they spirit realm. I want you to go and break it."

I remember sitting in church on a Sunday morning in Fort Mill, South Carolina. We were in our church service, MorningStar Fellowship Church, and Rick Joyner was speaking that morning. This prophet comes in and he says, "I'm glad that you're here this morning." My wife Jessa was with me. He said, "I'm glad that you and your wife Jessa are here this morning because the Lord visited me. I had a visitation of Jesus and He spoke to me about your restoration. He spoke to me about how you were going to step back into healing and power, but there was a curse on you and not only on you, but a curse that's come on the ministry, come over MorningStar Ministries. Part of that has to do with things that you have been through on a public level."

When you have the kind of ministry that I have in media and television, when you go through something and it becomes very public, it's amazing how quickly people can speak negatively and positively, but there's power in the words we speak. He said, "Todd whether you're aware of it or not, you've come under a curse that I'm going to break today.'" I said, "Okay, but the Bible says I've been redeemed from the curse of the law. I don't know if I understand how can I be cursed? I'm a Christian. I have the Holy Spirit. I've been redeemed from the curse of the law." All of my theology started kicking in. Then he said, "Well, let me just pray for you and then we're going to break the curse over the church and over the ministry and something's going to happen." At that time the church was really struggling financially. Things just weren't growing and breaking out the way that they needed to. He said, "From the moment that this curse is broken, you're going to see a change in everything. The anointing finances, things are going to begin to move, the power of God healing miracles." I said, "Okay, pray for me."

He prayed for me and said, "I break the curse." He took his hand over me and said, "I break the curse in Jesus' name." The power of God came on my wife, and me and we both ended up on the platform, just vibrating. Vibrating under the power of God. The moment I fell on the ground, I felt a wind, like a rushing wind, come into my mouth and something went through my body like a vibration, like electricity went through my body. Something broke off of me. I felt it come off of me.

An Outpouring Released

Immediately, from that moment forward, all of the power, all the anointing, the gift, revelation, dreams, vision-it all came back in fullness. Right after that curse was broken, we went into a five-month outpouring at MorningStar Church. We were preaching, five to six days a week for several months. We called it a Holy Spirit Breakout, and it happened immediately after the curse was broken. We went into full-blown outpouring meetings. The power of God, the glory, the presence of Jesus, the favor all came back. The finances started to come, and I realized it was from the moment the curse was broken that I didn't even know I was under.

I believe there are people in this room and many watching tonight, you don't even know that your finances and business have come under a curse. Your ministry and church has come under a curse. There are some ministries that can only go so high. It's like they reached this 50 members, 100 members, or 500 members and they can never grow beyond. It's like spiritually people can only get to a certain level and they just can't seem to get beyond. Or they get to a certain level of financial increase or breakthrough, and they just can't get beyond. There are people having a battle, and no matter what they do to get healthy and healed, they just can't get the victory. Then you break the curse, and all of a sudden things begin to happen again. The church begins growing again. The anointing begins flowing again. Money begins to happen again. Tonight is one of those kinds of nights.

In the Spirit before the meeting tonight, I was breaking things that were over people, even over this city and region, and churches and ministries in this region. You're going to notice a change in the spiritual climate and atmosphere. I've seen it happen where women that have lost children through frequent miscarriages, it's like a curse of death over the womb and no matter how many times they try to have a child, they can never have a child. That was kind of my mother.

Breaking the Curses

My mother was only ever able to have one child. I lost, I don't know if it was five or six, brothers and sisters. My mother just had like a curse. The doctor said, "You're just going to have a premature birth. We don't recommend that you have any more babies because they're not going to survive." She had one last one, and that was me. I was the only one that survived. I had to live in a little incubator, but I wasn't even five pounds, as big as I am today. I had to live as this little baby in an incubator. I barely survived, but all my other brothers and sisters never survived. That was a curse over my mother's womb, and we had to break that.

I've seen when the curse is broken, even barrenness is healed and life and fruitfulness comes back into the womb. I remember preaching one time in Uganda, Africa. First time I had ever encountered a city under a curse. I don't know why I'm sharing this, but I'm led by the Holy Ghost right now to share this testimony. Many of you are going to grab ahold of this for your city, but something's going to happen on a citywide level. I'm going to tell you a testimony. I haven't spoken about it in great detail in quite a while.

Jinja, Uganda

This is an amazing story from Jinja, Uganda, about an hour outside of Kampala, Uganda. I received an invitation to preach in this smaller city outside of Kampala, Uganda. They said, "We want you to come and have a crusade because we need revival in this city. We have not had a soul-winning revival; we need the power of God, miracle signs and wonders." It was like something was shut down over the city and the church because many years ago, another famous evangelist came into this very city and the Muslims drove him out and shut the crusade down. There was rioting. Only two days he was in the city and he was driven out.

His name was Reinhard Bonnke. He said, "Reinhard Bonnke came into this city, Jinja, Uganda, and the Muslims were on the radio, on the television, the media, and they were saying, 'We're not going to stand for Christianity and Jesus being preached in the city. And we have a lot of power and control and we're going to be sure that this crusade is stopped and shut down.' And they did. They succeeded after about two days." I've talked face to face with Reinhard about the story because I told him I preached in Jinja, Uganda, and I need you to tell me the story. He said, "It was the only time I was ever driven out of a city and I said I would never go back."

Just like the disciples, you know if they don't receive you and honor you, the Bible says, "Dust off the feet and just walk out." Reinhard said it was the only time, "When I stepped out of Jinja, I dusted my feet off and I said, I'll never come back to Jinja." Well, a curse came over the city for many years-nobody was getting saved, nobody was getting healed, and nobody was getting delivered.

Invitation Accepted

They gave me an invitation. They said, "Todd would you come to Jinja, Uganda, and have a crusade? We need something to break open in the heavens." I said, "Absolutely." They said, "We just need you to know there's some serious resistance here and already, some of these individuals are saying that this crusade will be stopped." Right up to the day that I arrived in Kampala, Uganda, on the airplane, they said, "We don't even have the sound permits and we're having some real struggles right now." Hallelujah. I have to make it clear tonight. I don't believe that Muslims are bad people. I don't believe that Hindus are bad people. I don't believe that people of any religion are bad people, but there can be an extreme in anything that you're dealing with, and we're talking about an extreme.

I want to be careful for those here tonight and watching. I don't want to zero in on any other religion; I just want to share the story. There were some extreme radicals. Let's say extreme radical Muslims that weren't good and happy like the rest of the Muslims that we love to welcome to our meetings and crusades. I get off of the airplane and I'm thinking, "God, I put all of this money into this crusade. What's going to happen?"

I finally get to the city. I said, "Well, I'm not turning around. We're going to go for it anyway and we'll just trust God." We showed up in the city, and we were going to have the crusade open-air. We show up the first night and I was quite disappointed that we didn't even have 5,000 people. In Africa, and all the money that we put into Uganda, we were expecting 30,000 people. So I decided we just have to go for it, and we started preaching. I gave them altar call and a hundred people came forward to receive Jesus.

I thought, "Thank God for the harvest." You know, 100 souls, but I was expecting 1,000 souls. We decided to show up the next day and my team said to me, "Todd, do you think we need to break the power of witchcraft?" Every morning, at 4 o'clock in the morning, the team is waking up. We're staying in a resort on the Nile River and you can hear on the other side of the river the witch doctors that were gathering at 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the morning, and they were cursing our team. You could hear them. They were there to curse us. My team was praying against it, and they came to me and said, "Why don't you break the power of witchcraft because clearly witchcraft is working against you here." I said, "I haven't heard from the Lord yet."

We went to the meeting on the second day, and I gave an altar call and seventy-six people came forward. One hundred and seventy-six souls in two days. It was quite disappointing. On the third morning I woke up, and I felt the Holy Spirit spoke to me about breakthrough, and that something was going to happen. We were going to deal with the spirit of witchcraft. I get to the meeting that night, and I prayed, and the miracle started to happen.

The Miracle that Breaks it open

As the miracle started to happen, people came forward to testify. They were in the line to come up onto the platform. They brought a woman that had been to all the witch doctors and all the magic soothsayers and whatever she could do to get healed because she had breast cancer. The doctors could do nothing to help her. So she went to the witch doctors and she got involved in all the magic. She said, "I just want to be healed." She was a notable woman of government. Everybody knew who this woman was, and they knew she had cancer.

After they failed to get her healed, medically and witchcraft, she needed to have surgery to remove one breast. They totally removed one breast from cancer. She was in the crowd that night with maybe six or seven thousand people. As she was standing in the crowd, the power of God came all over her and she grew a brand new breast. They brought her onto the platform and I had never seen anything like this in my life.

This woman was weeping and crying and screaming and jumping up and down. She was excited. The people were like, "What happened to this woman? Is this possible?" Right after that, they brought two more people onto the platform. The woman was born without the parts that a woman needs, and the man as well because of a cancerous tumor. Both of them were instantly healed. This man and woman both received a reproductive miracle in their body. All the reproductive organs and parts grew back in the meeting at the same time that this woman's breast came back.

The next day when I showed up, all the witch doctors and all the people that believed in witchcraft showed up at the meeting because they said, "We need to meet the white man that has power to make breasts grow." This is a true story, and it made the radio and the media. Nearly 30,000 people showed up because they wanted to see what was happening. Never had they heard of creative miracles where reproductive organs were being restored. These are creative miracles. That night was the night the Lord told me to break the curse over Jinja, the curse that had come when they shut down the Reinhard Bonnke crusade and drove him out of the city that caused a spiritual barrenness. It was like the womb of the church was closed and the reproduction of the church was shut down.

Mass Deliverance

I got up on the platform that night and I started to break the power of witchcraft, and 1,835 people at the same time started manifesting demons and fell to the ground writhing like snakes. We counted 1,835 people vomiting, rolling in the mud, writhing and hissing on the ground like snakes. There were even people levitating off of the ground by the power of witchcraft, even a young boy. I will never forget the image. This young boy that was so possessed with demons that he was banging his face against the metal on the platform until his face was gushing blood. They started to throw the people that were manifesting demons up onto the platform. They couldn't even carry them up. The ushers were trying to gather 1,800 demon-possessed people that were all violently manifesting demons at the same time. Never have I seen anything like this.

I had 60 demon-possessed people on the platform-people trying to bite at my ankles. We prayed for about an hour, and the power of God broke out. The power of witchcraft was broken. In the altar call, witch doctors came forward to renounce witchcraft and give their lives to Jesus. Remember that in the first three days, we had 176 salvations. When the curse was broken over the city, that's when the creative reproductive miracles happened. The woman grew that breast. It brought out all the witch doctors. Now in three days, 34,000 people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Then revival broke out in that place and they've got growing churches, the power of God, miracles, and many crusades have come into Jinja, Uganda. Never had I believed that a curse could come over a city because they had rejected a prophet. They never honored and received a prophet in the name of a prophet, and it brought a curse over a region. When the curse was broken, the church came back into the harvest.

The Law of Sin and Death

I believe this could happen over churches. I believe this could happen over ministries. I believe this could happen over individuals. I believe this could happen over your resources. The Bible makes it clear that it can happen in our body. I believe every sickness and disease is under what the Scripture calls the curse of the law.

Sickness and disease in your body is death working. How is that the will of God? Any sickness, disease, or affliction is death working. The Scripture says in Romans 8:1, "There is therefore no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus." The spirit of life in Christ Jesus, the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:2) has set me free from the Law of Sin and Death.

What is the Law of Sin and Death? The Law of Sin and Death is sin, sickness, disease, death, and poverty. It's called the curse of the Law. The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of Sin and Death. Let me tell you there's a new law, a spiritual law, and it's called the Law of the Spirit of Life-resurrection, light, and power-the Holy Ghost working. That law is in the spirit realm, and all of heaven and the angels are prepared to back up what the law of the Spirit is. The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is that I am free from the curse of the Law of Sin and Death. I'm telling you sickness or disease working in your body is a curse, just like poverty, disease, defeat, hopelessness, and despair. It isn't the will of God.

I've seen some of the greatest miracles happen when we begin to break curses-people, whole families-mother, daughter, grandmother, on the mother's side, on the father's side. There are things you're battling in your body that your mother or your grandmother battled, or that your father battled, or that your brother battled, and it's been passed down. Even in science, in the medical community, we're still trying to figure out how we receive these afflictions as an inheritance. If your family has diabetes in the bloodline, you're going to have diabetes. It might skip a generation, but you have to watch that your son or daughter doesn't have diabetes because your mother had diabetes. It skipped you and it's going to end up with your son or daughter or their children's children.

Breaking bloodline Curses

They talk about how in the bloodline genetic things can even be passed down. Most of us are familiar with that. When the Lord speaks to me about breaking bloodline curses, He's healing with the generational curse of infirmity and sickness. That's when I know thing are going to happen. We don't have to accept what my mother or my father or my grandmother or my grandfather or my brother or my sister had. Whether it's cancer or whether it's heart disease, or whether it's premature death, or whether it's diabetes, or whether it's an issue of blood.

I've met whole families, and the mother and all the daughters have the same condition in their womb and they can't have babies. It'll get on one, and it'll get on two or three. Sometimes when you break the curse, the whole family gets healed. We want to break it so it doesn't pass on to the next generation. It's amazing, but the power of sin can be visited up to four generations. Sin and judgment can come through iniquity up to four generations.

Sometimes, when we begin to break these things, the greatest miracles and the greatest deliverances happen. Hallelujah. We've been redeemed from the curse of the law. I was just looking at Genesis 28, where the Bible talks about the scabs, the diseases, the plagues, the fears, the inflammation, and the severe burning fever. It talks about the tumors and the growths, and all of these conditions. The Bible makes it clear in Deuteronomy 28 that these things are a curse. Anything that's an inflammation, a skin disorder, a skin disease, a scab, or anything that would be a tumor or a growth or a cancer, a sever burning fever; an itching, or a plague is a curse. The Bible says that all of the diseases and all tumors are of the curse of the law, not the blessing. We need to believe God for the blessing and for the life. Hallelujah.

There is currently a fresh Healing Awakening and season of Revival on earth. Let's ask the Lord to break off anything that would hold us back from receiving His Revival Outpouring.

Yours in the Harvest,

Todd Bentley

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