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Equipping the Nations from Your Fingertips
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 Be Rewarded for Equipping the Nations

Now you can reach Third World Nations from the palm of your hand with our School of Ministry! For every paid student registered in our online school, Fresh Fire Ministries, will give away 10 FREE to students in Third World countries. This will provide training and equipping to hundreds of people around the world that are unable to afford this training.

Join our school because you want to be equipped and be a part in this reward for discipling the nations.
Online Classes Begin Today! Wednesday, January 25th
Are you called?

Do you want to grow in:

        * Understanding the Function of Miracles & Healing
        * Prophetic
        * The "In & Outs" of Starting a Ministry
        * Revival and Revival History
        * Effective Evangelism
        * Identity
        * Faith
        * Intimacy

Peter was called to come out of the boat but he couldn't walk on water until he took the first step. Faith.

See many wait to make big steps or risky steps until God speaks or makes it clear however God is waiting on us to take the first step. 

This year we want to grow with you and see not only Jesus get His reward but you live out your God given DESTINY. 

Changing the world starts with you! 

...and Jesus kept on growing—in wisdom, in physical stature, in favor with God, and in favor with others. - Luke 

Before Jesus even had the disciples He Himself had to grow, learn, and show Himself studied not just before God His Father but before man as well. 

The mandate and call on His life was evident and proclaimed long before His conception, much like yours! You have a gift and calling that was instilled in you long ago--it is who you are and are becoming!

Start by taking the first step and sign up to be a part of this semester's School of the Supernatural. 
Our online program mirrors our in class School of the Supernatural where you get the same teachings and equipping but on your own time, because you are busy and we understand that. It would not be uncommon to pay  thousands of dollars for either program however we price our programs so as many who want to grow and learn can.
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School Endorsements
Doug Addison
"I'm not sure if you've heard about Todd Bentley's School of the Supernatural, but I want to encourage you, that if you can be a part of this, it's going to be really wild! I'm a personal friend of Todd and the Lord told me that there is a special anointing coming upon his ministry that's been in the making for years. Todd's moving into a new level and I think if you're a part of his school, you'd be a part of that too. I want to encourage you to check it out, because this is a year of breakthrough and it's a year of stepping into what it is that you've been called to do."
Roberts Liardon
"I'm so excited to encourage you to consider coming to Todd Bentley's School of the Supernatural. Some schools just teach you head, but never teach you the Spirit or the flow of God. In this school you'll learn the word and the Spirit combined together. That'll make you grow up and do great things. When you invest your time in school, preparation time in other words, it guarantees a successful life and faster success. It's not wasted time, it's an investment in your life. So decide today to come to this school." 
Rick Joyner
"This is a school where the Holy Spirit is celebrated. It is where many who are committed to walking in radical faith, and seeing extraordinary miracles come. It is preparing laborers for the greatest move of God since Jesus walked the earth - the harvest that is the end of the age." 
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