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We are excited about a new season of communication. Our website is an interactive media site which includes blogs, videos, new teachings, pod casts, and special reports. Tell your friends about this new communicational website and share in the network.

The purpose of my blog is to share with you my personal thoughts, feelings, status, revelations, and updates on the ministry and restoration. Take the time to stay updated on the restoration process with Rick Joyner as the videos are featured here on the website.  Many of you have been faithful friends and loyal partners both in prayers and finances over the years. Please continue to stand with us. God is doing a great work in me and is in everyway uprooting, extracting, and pruning. He is taking me through a time of deep healing, cleansing, and maturity. Pray for me and my family as we seek to allow the Lord to complete his process with us.

At this time you may be asking, “What is Todd Bentley doing?” My main focus is rest and intimacy with Jesus. I have much time for prayer and meditation, enjoying reading many books, and studying the Word. Oh and don’t worry! I am having lots of fun too! There is a theme park five minutes from my house. God is taking me back to the basics, the simple truths of the Gospel being anchored in the word and faith.

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